Amazon Background Check Denied in 2023? How to Appeal

Were you denied employment because of your felony conviction? Did Amazon background check denied you employment in 2023? Here are some things you should know, how to Appeal, or sue!

There are several reasons why Amazon may reject your application after doing a background check on you. However, if you’re a Felon and you were denied employment because of your past criminal record, you can even sue them.

Regardless of whether Amazon did the background check before (when you submitted your job application) or after a letter of offer of employment is issued. The law clearly states that felons cannot be denied employment for a position that is ‘unrelated’ to the position applied for.

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However, note that Amazon denying you employment before/during/after an offer of employment depends on your convictions and the position you’re applying for. People who are convicted of Child Abuse /Neglect can never be employed in childcare and academic settings.

While felons with DUI can possibly deny driving positions, even by food delivery companies like DoorDash, GrubHub, etc. However, if the position you applied for is unrelated to your previous felony, and your employment was denied based on presumed guilt or likelihood to commit a crime, you can easily file with the EEOC if appropriate.

Amazon Background Check Denied

Amazon Available Jobs.

As of 2022, Amazon had a total number of 1,541,000, full and part-time employees. So far, Amazon has a larger workforce than competitor companies like Alibaba and Alphabet.

During Amazon’s process of hiring employees, they usually conduct background checks on all applicants, to determine whether you’re qualified for the position you’re applying for.

To get employed at Amazon, you need to pass all the necessary background checks that prove you’re a good fit for the position you are applying for.

I won’t be discussing the Amazon background check procedures. Rather, I’ll be discussing How to appeal the Amazon background check denier.

Amazon Background Check Basics.

Most companies operating in the US and European countries usually run background checks on potential employees, and Amazon is not exempted. Amazon runs background checks as a safety measure for the safety of workers and to protect the company in general.

It’s a crucial step to place every employee in the position they are eligible and qualified to work in.

Do I Need a Background Check to Work at Amazon?

Yes, it is mandatory that Amazon run a background check on all potential employees. Potential applicants applying for Amazon jobs are required by law, to authorize Amazon to conduct a background check on them.

However, it’s your choice whether to deny or approve them to run a background check on you, but if you refused to authorize them, be sure that you cannot work at Amazon without giving allowing them to run a background check on you.

That said, if you’re applying for the job online, you have to agree to a background check to complete the application process.

In some jobs, majorly when you are not a felon, you don’t have to agree to a background check online, but you’ll probably have to do it later when working as a staff for the company.

Applicants who refused to agree to the Amazon background check, chances are Amazon will reject your application and you don’t have any right to sue or appeal. It’s the company’s right to run a background check on all potential employees.

Positions That Require a Background Check.

Customer Service Positions: Applicants applying for jobs at Amazon will certainly be required to consent to a Background check before getting an employment offer. This position is crucial because you’ll be dealing with customers and likely have access to their personal data.

Corporate Positions: This is another crucial position and it’s important that they run a background check to assess your person in general. You need to protect Amazon’s property, data, and valuable information.

Customer Fulfilment Positions: Running a background check on customer fulfilment positions of all potential workers is important. This is to protect Amazon and other third parties from any kind of damage or theft.

Is it Possible to Work at Amazon Without a Background Check?


Most jobs at Amazon certainly require a background check, while other jobs, such as higher management, won’t need one, and that is because most of these people are coming with higher recommendations from respectable companies.

More importantly, if you deny Amazon’s request to conduct a check on you, there’s a 100% chance that your job application will be rejected.

Note that the Amazon background check looks through your record, and will be checking your criminal convictions, including misdemeanours or felonies, committed within the past 7 to 10 years. Some states allow companies to check for a maximum of seven (7) years, while other states allow companies to check for up to 10 years.

To be gainfully employed at Amazon and pass their hiring process, you need to have a clean record or if you had a felony, it should not be related to the position you’re applying for.

Criminal Background Check.

Almost any background check run by a potential company that wants to employ you, will include a criminal history check. The primary purpose of running a criminal background check is to show if the applicant has been convicted of a crime related to the position they’re applying for.

If you have a conviction related to a position you’re seeking employment, this will highly jeopardize the chance of you getting employed.

The criminal background will show the following:

  • Arrests.
  • Pending criminal charges.
  • Warrants.
  • Court Records.
  • Incarceration.
  • Sex Offender Registry.

Amazon Background Check Driving Record.

Potential employees seeking employment in any position that requires delivering shipments, driving a vehicle, etc, their driving record will be checked.

The driver record includes information about the driver and their history, such as current and resolved suspensions, driver’s licence, DUI, etc.

The Driving record background check, when conducted, will reveal citations, violations, or other significant entries.

However, if you had minor incidents like speeding tickets in your Driving records, they usually stay in your record for like three years before getting wiped off.

While serious records like Driving Under the Influence (DUI’s) can remain for more than a decade on your record.

Will Amazon Vehicle Report.

This is related to applicants who will be delivering products with Vehicle. Either using your personal vehicle, Amazon might request a vehicle report. Your vehicle report will include information about the vehicle’s ownership.

However, the most important reason why they’ll be running the background check is to see if there’s any report of accidents or vehicle alterations.

Will Amazon Check My Credit Score/Record?

Yes, Amazon will check your credit history.

You Credit record will show details of your transactions, ability to repay debts, taken loans, and if you’ve ever declared bankruptcy.

Although in this case, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, they just want to know how you handle your finance.

What Do Amazon Need for the Background Check?

The team who responsible for employing workers will require some basic information, along with your Social Security number, and your approval before they can conduct the background check.

There’s nothing extra needed from you before they’ll conduct the test. The major information needed from you for the Amazon background check, are already in your application form.

Although you need to provide your correct personal details, or else, your job application might get rejected.

This info that is needed for the Amazon Background Check Includes:

Full Name: Your full name as displayed on your government identification card.

Date of Birth: Ensure you enter your correct date of birth as shown on your government identification card.

Social Security Number: Your Social Security number as it appears on your Social Security card, or any bank statement.

Address: Your correct and current address.

Contact Information: Valid contact information that can be use to reach you.

Consent Form: It is mandatory that all applicants sign the consent form to agree to the background check.

How Long Does the Amazon Background Check Take?

There are some varieties that determines how long the background checks will take. Background checks are extensive and usually takes between One week to four weeks, so you need to be patient.

However, if for some reasons you did not receive any message after four (4) weeks, you should contact Amazon.

In some cases, missing information or inconsistencies from different sources can cause a delay, and once you reach out to them, they’ll give you reasons why it was delayed.

How to Check the Status of Your Background Check.

Amazon applicants who wants to check the status of their background check, can easily do that, by accessing the applicant portal of the agency they applied for.

Some of these companies used for checking applicants background by these agencies, do send emails containing link where you can quickly access the status of your background check.

It can be one of the following:

  • Pending.
  • Awaiting Documents.
  • Suspended.Complete.
  • Clear.
  • Consider.
  • Dispute.

What Each Status Means:

It is likely that the hiring agencies will reach out to you, if there’s any need to take action. However, it is important that you know the meaning of each status.


  • This signify that the company is still running the background check and gathering information about the application. There’s nothing needed from the applicant.

Awaiting Documents.

  • If your status says “Awaiting Documents”, this means that they need authorization or documents from you.
  • You will be contacted via email or phone call, explaining which document/authorization that is needed from you to complete the background check.


  • This usually occurs when documents needed by the company running the background check have not been sent to the company in the set time, the background check will be suspended and need re-opening.


  • This signify that the background check is done and sent to the hiring manager for their review.


  • The background check has been checked by the hiring manager, and has passed the required criteria.


  • This signifies that the background check may have passed the criteria, but needs reviews from the agencies responsible for hiring workers. There’s no action required from the applicant’s side.


  • The applicant has disputed the background check and is probably asking for a re-run.

What Happens If My Application is Rejected?

Applicants whose applications are rejected based on the background check, will be contacted and given viable reasons why they were rejected by Amazon.

Major reasons why your application was rejected are considered red flags in your background check. If you really want this job, you can reach out to the hiring manager and explain yourself.

Your background check will likely stay with Amazon and its affiliate companies. But you have authority to request for the final result of the background check.

How Can I Avoid Getting Rejected?

The bets way to avoid situations where your application is rejected, is by doing a background on yourself first, and applying for a position that isn’t related to the convictions (if you’re a felon).

Following this pathway, you will know what the hiring agencies know, and not hide any details during the interview process.

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Is a Rejection Final?

No. Hiring managers will give you a chance if you contact them, to dispute any information found when running a background check on you.

Depending on how you explain yourself, the hiring team can re-evaluate the decision whether you’ll be hired, or if their decision is final.

How to Appeal a Denied Amazon Background Check.

Because of the time that you spent while filling out the application form and filling it, getting rejected can be tough. However, you can appeal if your amazon background check was denied.

Applicants who applied for any position in Amazon and was denied, are given a period called pre-adverse action where you can appeal your case.

To appeal a Denied Amazon Background Check use these steps below:

  1. Get a copy of your background check from the Consumer Reporting Agency.
  2. Go through the file, and see the error(s) on the background check, and obtain the correct information.
  3. E.g. You can get a credit report, verify your education information with your school, or contact the courthouse for an error in your criminal background, to correct any error that might have likely popped up.
  4. Next, reach out to the hiring agent/agency with the corrected information and ask them to review it.

Why You Should Dispute Amazon Denied Background Check.

There are various reasons why you should dispute when your Amazon background check is denied.

It doesn’t mean you’re hiding facts, but no one is above errors. Which is why you need to obtain a copy of your background check and go through it first.

Although it does not constantly happen, some of these companies running the check could have made a mistake that leads to you getting rejected.

While sometimes, the information discovered when running the background check might just be wrong, it’s about you, so you know everything that happened, right? If you’re sure the information gathered is wrong, it’s a strong ground to dispute the result.

What are My Chances of Getting the Decision Reversed?

The most important factor to look at first, is the reason why you were rejected in the first place. (Amazon will tell you why your application was denied), if it’s something you have control over, you can dispute it.

However, if it was an error in the background check, or if the issue was insignificant, the hiring manager can reverse the decision.

If your Amazon background check was denied and you want it reversed, find a way to immediately appeal it. The reason why I ask that you immediately dispute it, is this.

If you didn’t dispute the background check quickly enough, Amazon can move on to another suitable candidate, even if your appeal is valid, and once they hire someone else to fill that position you applied for, there’s no reason to appeal again, because the position is already taken.

Wrapping Up.

If you’re applying for a job either in their US, UK, or Canada branch, Amazon can’t conduct a background check without your consent. This also translates that Amazon cannot offer you a job without you giving them consent to run a background check on you.

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