Does GrubHub Hire Felons? GrubHub Background Check in 2023

Many convicted felons’ major obstacle after leaving prison is finding a job. After leaving prison, you’re expected to settle into a civilian lifestyle, but how can you afford that, if no one is willing to hire a felon?

It’s quite unfortunate that so many companies don’t hire felons as a blanket policy, while the companies that do hire felons, their employment process are challenging.

Companies that do hire felons are food delivery jobs, as a felon, this is a good place to start looking for jobs.

One of the best side jobs to earn extra income is deliveries because you can choose your own timeframe. Food delivery apps provide us with meals from our favourite local restaurants whenever we want.

does grubhub hire felons

GrubHub is an online and mobile food ordering website and mobile app that allows users to order food for delivery from select restaurants within the United States.

With the GrubHub app, customers are capable of previewing restaurant menus, view real-time updates on the status of their food orders, view trends in menu item popularity, and customers can see special promotions and more. GrubHub’s service covers about twenty thousand (20,000) restaurants in over 1,800 cities across the country.

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Many people have asked themselves: does GrubHub Hire Felons? This article will dig into the legal circumstances that may likely harm a potential GrubHub worker from getting hired.

One of the major reasons why GrubHub hire people with a criminal record is largely based on the demand and supply of couriers within a specific area. The company reserves the right to refuse to hire a worker based on their criminal record.

Quick Tip on GrubHub: GrubHub does not have a strong history of hiring felons. However, several of GrubHub’s drivers and employees are convicted felons.

Does GrubHub Hire Felons?

Yes, but depends on the conviction and charges. Because the safety and well-being of their customer is their topmost priority. Although it is very difficult for anyone with a felony conviction to get hired by Grubhub, certain offences will make it nearly impossible for you as a felon to be hired by GrubHub.

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As a felon who wants to work with GrubHub, there are certain details you should be aware of, regarding GrubHub’s employment policies on Felons. GrubHub rarely hires Felons or people with any criminal offences including traffic violations.

However, they have a few exceptions after going through the applicant’s background check and legal requirements. As we know it is a huge company, and hiring Felons can damage the company’s goodwill and reputation.

Convictions That Will Stop You From Getting Hired at Grubhub

Applicants who are interested in working for GrubHub should know this, in rare cases where GrubHub does hire felons, applicants with DUI convictions, sexual or violent beliefs, or anything related to driving or injuring others will have their application outrightly rejected.

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Does Grubhub Hire Felons with Burglary Charges?

Applicants who have a burglary charge on their record may find it difficult to get hired to work for GrubHub. Grubhub requires trustworthiness from its drivers because you will be trusted with customers’ food.

Does Grubhub Hire Felons with Theft Charges?

Very unlikely, the reason why GrubHub is where it is today, is the ability to leave its workers unattended and trust that both the delivery vehicle and the goods make it to the customer safe. Applicants with theft charges face major obstacles in getting hired by GrubHub.

Grubhub Policy on Hiring Felons.

Going through the GrubHub site, I did not find an official policy on hiring felons. However, on platforms like Reddit and Quora where you can find real people sharing their experiences, we discover that felons do work with them.

Grubhub’s interview team does a good job of sorting through applicants with felonies, and applicants with recent offenses can hardly get a positive response. Even though this company is yet to officially release a policy on whether they employ Felons or not, they will likely reject the application of a current felony or violent criminal past.

GrubHub Background Check.

It is mandatory that your employee does a background check on you, and this applies to GrubHub as well.

GrubHub requires every potential delivery driver, before getting fully approved/employed, to undergo a background check to ensure the safety of their customers and the reliability of the company’s drivers.

GrubHub claims that a driver must not have any criminal record, but there are verified reports of drivers being hired with felonies, but not violent felonies.

Eligibility Requirements Before Getting Hired.

Here are a few eligibility requirements that potential workers need to satisfy or meet before they can get approved to drive for GrubHub.

  • Applicants must have their own Valid ID for using bikes.
  • Applicant must have a valid driver’s license and Insurance.
  • Functioning bank account for direct deposit.
  • It’s mandatory that all applicants should pass the driving test and criminal background check.
  • The drivers should have at least, two (2) years of experience.
  • Applicants must be above nineteen (19) years old.
  • Access to a smartphone with iOS 10 or higher or Android 6.0 or higher.

How Does GrubHub Criminal Background Check Work?

The background check carried out by GrubHub before employing workers is not directly carried out by the company. Rather, like most companies in the US, there’s a third-party company that’s hired to take care of running background checks on potential workers.

The company hired by GrubHub to run background checks on their hired workers is called Checkr.

Any applicant who fails to pass this background check process will not be hired by GrubHub.

It will be very challenging for felons who did not pass the CheckR background check, because they can’t even work with other companies that use Checkr to run background checks on their employees like Instacart, Postmates, and DoorDash.

Checkr is a fast, efficient and very reliable company that takes very little time to run background checks on individuals. Applicants have disclosed that they received their results within a space of two (2) days.

Does Grubhub Have a Second Chance Policy?

There is nothing as a second chance policy consideration for GrubHub potential workers. As a privately owned business, they are not required by government laws to participate in any second chance policies to hire felons.

However, potential workers with nonviolent offences that are over seven years old, can be employed by GrubHub.

How long does a GrubHub background check take to complete?

Respondents on Reddit, Quora, and the Indeed job board provide a wide variety of answers, ranging from 2 days to 5-7 days, while others claim that their background check took months before it was completed.

However, since we have confirmed and verified that GrubHub uses the company Checkr for both its driving record and criminal background investigations, we know for sure that the GrubHub background check will likely take between 4 – 7 days.

Must a Courier Have His or Her Own Vehicle?

Yes. It is mandatory that all potential delivery drivers have a transportation vehicle that can be used for deliveries.

It does not necessarily means it must be a vehicle, it can be everything ranging from a bicycle to a truck, but a driver must be able to prove that he or she has reliable transportationq1.

Some applicants might even prefer the ability to exercise by using bikes for deliveries, instead of driving. One advantage of using bikes for deliveries is this. Bikers don’t have to produce auto insurance in the United States.

Legal Requirements.

Before GrubHub can run a background check on you, they will need your permission to run a criminal background check. If you refuse to give them permission, you certainly will not be considered for employment.

Employees who failed to pass the background check test will be given details of why their applications were rejected and not fit for the position they are seeking employment.

Applicants can easily appeal a rejection if they feel they are falsely accused of a criminal background. To appeal, reach out to GrubHub’s legal assistance to resolve the issue.

What Felony isn’t fit to work with GrubHub?

Most people with violent criminal records/backgrounds are not fit to work with GrubHub. The company does distance itself from working with people with felony charges, Driving Under the Influence (DUI) convictions, or people who they feel pose as dangerous to their customers.

Applicants without proper licenses or applicants who have major violations regarding their licenses will likely not be hired by GrubHub. No matter the offence, if you feel you can work with them, you can appeal and assure them that you are reformed and will not re-offend in the future if given the opportunity to work with them.


I have seen several cases where Grubhub drivers are hired,  where people were hired in spite of their criminal backgrounds. Although this is something considered rare,  it mostly occurs in areas where there are higher demands for drivers and food riders.

If you want to work for companies that do not run background checks on their employees, try Uber. Uber is one such billion-dollar company that doesn’t check the criminal background of its employees.

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