Jeep Wrangler In Snow

Jeep Wrangler In Snow: Are They Any Good?

So you’re thinking about buying the ol’ Jeep Wrangler and wondering if it’s any good once winter strikes. If you live in a snowy country or part of a country like Northern Europe or America, you most likely suffer from snow every year with a normal car.

Why the Wrangler is Good in Snow

Driving can be extremely tedious, slow, and uninspiring when you’ve got over ten inches of thick snow blocking the path of your tires, but hey, that’s what SUVs and off-road vehicles are for. Off-road cars, like the Jeep Wrangler, are built specifically for driving in these harsh conditions like snow, mud, rock, and sand. Among the most famous off-roaders is the Jeep Wrangler, but is it any good in snow?

The Wrangler is the no. 1 off-road vehicle in the world when it comes to popularity and purchase. A Wrangler Guy is a Wrangler Guy and they are easily identifiable. The Wrangler has been around ever since 1986, dominating the roads, deserts, forests, and more.

However, all off-road vehicles were definitely not created equal. Some SUVs and off-roaders do well on certain terrain than others. For example, you could have a really good mud SUV that doesn’t operate as well on snow. Thankfully, the Wrangler does give excellent performance on snow for several reasons we will outline later.

The Wrangler was made specifically to be driven off roads, and everything about it shows. I mean, just look at it, does this design scream luxurious city businessman? No, everything about it hard and rugged, from its very high doors, spare tire on the back, open rear door, and lack of lateral support to the materials and design of the interior.

Apparently, you can just open the doors and hose down the entire interior without any issues. The Wrangler is a militaristic vehicle at heart, and it has carried on that legacy for decades.

The Wrangler is also quite a powerful piece of machinery, with its intense four-wheel-drive capability that will get you crossing any obstacle you see. The 2021 Jeep Wrangler 3.0 V6 diesel engine gives you 260 horsepower and 442 pound-feet in torque. This is quite impressive, so you’re very safe being stuck in thick snow that you will simply have to power through.

Jeep Wrangler In Snow 2023: Are They Any Good?

Jeep Wrangler In Snow

Why the Wrangler is Good in Snow

There are a bunch of reasons why The Wrangler is a beast on the snowy terrains and for good reason. Here are the top choices:

1. The Design

As we’ve mentioned, the design of the Wrangler is a huge selling point. Not only for aesthetics but for functionality as well. You see, the Wrangler is designed in such a way that you’re extremely protected when you’re driving off roads.

The interior is actually very well-heated, so you’re likely to stay warm and toasty…. As long as you’re wearing gloves. You see, the Wrangler has options for heated steering or not, depending on what you prefer.

Still, the Wrangler’s heating properties are some of the most advanced and long-lasting in the car business, so you can expect to

The no. 1 design element that affects winter performance in the Jeep Wrangler is the circulating ball steering, whose whole purpose is off-roading, although it’s not the most precise. Still, the Wrangler makes up for it.

2. Four Wheel Drive

With the Wrangler, you can actually alternate between four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive, with a lever by the gearbox. Now, it’s important to remember that you absolutely need the four-wheel drive, which makes things much easier in snow.

Can you drive it in the two-wheel-drive? Yes, you can, but the thicker the snow, the harder it will be and you may get stuck. Just make sure you find the lever because it’s a little bit confusing.

3. The Mirrors

What? Yes, it makes sense. The Wrangler’s mirrors are massive, and you do need that while driving in the snow as it can blur your view. Imagine a car is going quite quickly behind you and you have no way of noticing or hearing. The bigger the mirror, the more you will see.

4. The Tires

Right off the bat, the Wrangler does come with quite impressive, and quite large 15”-17” tires. What’s most important is that the Wrangler, as well as tire manufacturers worldwide like BFG and Goodyear will give you an impressive amount of tires you can choose from.

With an SUV like the Wrangler, you can’t go wrong with all-terrain tires like the BFG KO2. It will give you smooth and safe driving in the snow, deep tread, and solid traction.

5. The Engine

As we’ve mentioned, the Wrangler’s engine is a beast in its own right. The V6 engine is more than enough for your winter driving endeavors, and you can even choose between automatic at 8 speeds or manual at 6 speeds.

Speaking of power, we can’t forget the Wrangler’s differentials. The differentials make all the difference (haha get it) between a car that handles harsh conditions properly and your average city car.

Several Wranglers come with locked differentials, which aid in the off-road driving process. Add some anti-spin to the table, and you got yourself a walking (driving?) slippery-resistance car.

6. The Four-Door Option

When it comes to snowy performance, there is an argument to be made that the four-door Jeep is actually better than the two-door one. The four-door model includes a bigger wheelbase, which adds to the control of the car.

7. The Ground Clearance

How much ground does the Wrangler actually clear? You can expect 8.3-9.7 inches of ground clearance, so you can literally be on top of the world. You need to see everything ahead of and behind you, so the ground clearance and large mirrors are definitely an underrated plus.

8. The Heating

As we’ve mentioned, the Wrangler is well-known for how warm it is. If it’s snowy outside, you will get quite warm pretty quickly. However, while the older models don’t have a heated steering wheel, the newer models do.

Which Jeep Wrangler Should You Buy For Snow?

Which Jeep Wrangler Should You Buy For Snow?

The ideal Wrangler to buy for snow is the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The Rubicon is like the prime off-road version of a Wrangler, with extra features specifically made for off-roading. Everything is bigger with the Rubicon, like the tires, rims, plates, and more.

Why is the Rubicon so good in snow? One word: Differentials. The Rubicon comes with locking front and rear differentials, which make navigating off-road terrains much smoother.

With more options like the Dana 44 axles, the Rubicon is the hardest Wrangler you could buy if you plan on traversing the winter wonderland.

Why Don’t People Like The Jeep Wrangler?

The Wrangler is a great car for off-roading, even in snow, but you will find some opposers to this off-road vehicle. Their points may be valid, but it’s all a matter of convenience and personal comfort in the end. Here are some reasons why people are averse to the Jeep Wrangler and doubt its reliability:

  • Comfort: The Wrangler is not the most comfortable car to drive in, especially if you’re intending to use it for daily in-city driving and running normal errands. The sits are a bit rough, as the entire interior of the car is designed in a way to be hard. The car is meant to be driven on off-road terrain, so it can’t be souped up with luxury, soft leather seats, and complex internal systems.
  • The Fuel Efficiency: It’s true, that the Wrangler will cost you more fuel, but it makes sense. Look at the thing, it’s massive! With the Wrangler, the MPG range is about 17-25, but it’s a bit inconsistent. Look, if you’re buying a Jeep, you have most likely accepted the fact that you’re buying a desert or snow tank, not a small sedan to save up on gas while going to Walmart.
  • The Noise: Yes, the Wrangler, like many off-road vehicles, is quite noisy. This is a downside when driving off roads, actually, as you will be going over plenty of rocks, mud, and debris that you will definitely be hearing as you go. It doesn’t have the best insulation, but you’re probably not going to have much of an issue here if you’re driving on normal roads. Regardless, even with stuff hitting it while driving, you’re very safe inside it when driving off roads.


Overall, the Wrangler is a beast of a machine for snow driving. There is a reason so many enthusiasts have been driving it for decades, even if they don’t go off-roading. The intricate design is ideal for snow, with special features that will keep you unstuck and going through it like butter.

Just always remember to hit the four-wheel-drive option when you encounter thick snow, and maybe keep it two-wheel drive for your normal driving.

With excellent heating, big tires, a strong engine, massive mirrors, and big ground clearance, you can’t go wrong with a Jeep Wrangler, especially a model like the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, when driving in heavy snow.

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