List of Fake Data Entry Companies in 2023: How To Identify Fake Data Entry Jobs

Searching for Data Entry Companies to help you? Before picking any of these companies, ensure you go through this list of fake data entry companies to avoid getting scammed. I promise to continuously update this list with more fake data entries companies that have scammed millions online, using the testimonies of people who have been scammed on Reddit, Quora, etc.

I’ll be sharing with you, methods on how you can easily identify these fake Data entry jobs and companies, and how to avoid working for, or with them.

There will always be illegal platforms among multitudes of good ones. Yes, there are a ton of websites that advertise legitimate data entry jobs that may be found online. But the sad truth is that about a whopping 95% of these companies are fake.

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Over the years, I’ve discovered that it is much harder to get a legitimate data entry job that pays you for your time. The biggest victims of these companies are students and homemakers, and these phoney data input businesses have been swindling them for years.

Unfortunately, the last pandemic has caused many people to lose their jobs, and to earn money or extra income, they have decided to start various online businesses to start earning money online. Many people searching for various online companies that allow them to work from home, with data entry at the top of the list, have fallen victim to these fraudulent platforms.

Today, I’ll be sharing with you, the largest numbers of fraudulent data entry jobs and how to avoid them.

list of fake data entry companies

What Are Data Entry Job Scams?

When People share fake Job postings for data entry positions, these methods are publicly known as Data Entry Job scams.

The reason why these data entry positions are popular is that more companies are choosing to outsource their data entry work, and job seekers looking for remote and work-from-home jobs, may come across various data entry job platforms either through advertisements, public forums, online job websites, etc.

Another reason for these jobs’ popularity is that it usually requires entry-level roles with little educational requirements and experience. Making it easier for these fraudulent persons to post these data entry job listings, and some people will find it difficult to differentiate the legitimate ones, from the frauds.

As a result, your money or personal information can get stolen if you do fall victim to these fake job postings.

Types of Data Entry Scams.

These fraudulent online scammers use a variety of strategies To scam job searchers online. To prevent yourself, friends, or loved ones from falling victim to these people, you should know their plans, and avoid these common online job scam tactics and crucial warning indicators.

The following are many forms of data-entering scams:

1. Offering Free Money First.

One of the common and easiest ways these scammers utilize is by frequently offering money to potential employees to obtain their personal information and banking details. Make sure you avoid platforms or people asking for your bank details and personal information.

Sometimes, these fraudulent people engage in ultra-evil acts by sending you fake cheques that look legitimate, especially during weekends, night hours, and holidays, when it will be difficult to confirm it from your bank.

Once the victim receives and deposits the check, waiting for their bank to confirm it, the con artists will demand that the victim wire money to a different individual for business-related expenses. These fake cheques will always bounce, and by then, you’ve lost your money.

2. Requesting Money.

This is another ploy used by fraudulent individuals to take your hard-earned money. If during the employment and onboarding process, the business, management, or staff members asks you to pay a certain fee for the application, training, administration, test performance, or any other reason before giving you the job, it’s 100% fake and you will lose everything. Avoid companies, websites, platforms, and emails that ask you for money before giving you a job, these people are fraudsters.

Scammers frequently demand money via crypto, cheques, direct deposits, and bank transfers. Avoid sending money to individuals posing as company secretaries, management, staff, or owners promising you job opportunities if you can give them money.

Legitimate businesses never require payment from their staff for fees or additional charges before employing them.

3. Promising You Jobs to Gain Personal and Financial Information.

This is another method used by scammers to wipe your money from your bank account, crypto wallet, etc if they gain access to your personal details. These scammers’ major aim is to steal, conduct identity theft, or engage in identity fraud that will enrich themselves without fulfilling any of their promises to you.

For example, scammers frequently fabricate false job advertising and provide false employment offers to job seekers, sending them fake job appointment emails, and creating a form where they are required to enter their personal details. Avoid platforms asking for your details which can lead to your account getting wiped out.

This technique is popular among these fraudulent data entry companies, where they request your personal and financial information. This may include, but is not limited to the following

  • Social security number,
  • Driver’s license number,
  • Bank account information.
  • Crypto Wallet details.

Fake Data Entry Company List.

The list of fake data entry companies is provided below.

  • Oxy Tech Company.
  • Techedge United.
  • Orbit Web System Pvt. Ltd.
  • Core Enterprises.
  • Pearl Service.
  • CSF Employment Service Pvt. Ltd.
  • Urban Technology.
  • Way2Consultancy Service.
  • VJ Consultancy Service.
  • Indeed Pvt. Ltd.
  • Cryptolite Network.
  • Pixel web system.
  • CSR.
  • DTD Solution.
  • Metrics InfoTech.
  • Techtom Technology.
  • Equinox.
  • Resume Filling Freelancer.
  • HS Enterprises.
  • MAX Enterprises.
  • Infra Data Technology.
  • Datadesk Outsourcing Services.
  • Wisdom-wide technology.
  • My typing job.

Real Genuine Sites for Online Data Entry Jobs.

  • Up Work.
  • Fiverr.
  • Freelancer.
  • Guru.
  • People per hour.

How To Identify and Avoid Fake Data Entry Jobs Scams.

One of the best ways you can avoid falling victim to these online fake data entry companies, is by being aware of the prior warning flags. Always believe your gut if you’re having second thoughts about anyone offering you something for free online, for exchange.

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Here are some tips and pointers you can use in spotting these fake data entry companies, and avoiding data input scams and other remote job fraud.

1. Research The Company.

The first thing you should do, is to research the company. For example, if you receive a message about a job offer, prize money you didn’t apply for, etc, you can search online by using this search method. “type in the name of the company scam”, there are tendencies that people who had fallen victim will write about it, warning others to desist from doing any business with them.

Ensure you know if an offer is authentic by researching the company name, before applying for or accepting the offer.

Most times, it certainly is fraudulent, if you can’t confirm a phone number, address, active staff, or website URL.

2. Communication Methods.

Another important pointer to knowing whether this company is fraudulent, is their method of communication. Remote interviews are usually used for recruiting managers. However, the ones that are conducted by email, online chat, or text are 99% fraudulent.

Additionally, you should exercise caution whenever the interviews are conducted over the phone.

3. Research the Position and Job Description.

Before accepting any Job offer, ensure you do your research and check the job description twice. Most times, these people fronting as data entry companies will offer you jobs with such high pay and position, you should know it’s too fake, to be real.

Most times, when receiving a job position, there will be an overview of the position you’re occupying, its responsibilities in the form of bullet points that should be included in the job description.

A job description may likely be fraudulent if it is brief, ambiguous, and sounds like a get-rich-quick scheme.

Genuine job advertisements feature the name and contact details of the employer. You should always be cautious when unknown companies offer you huge salary incomes that you can’t find their details online. That’s another pointer.

4. Ask Your Potential Employer Questions.

Always ask questions. Ask questions that only someone in that field can personally answer. Let the potential employer answer questions regarding the role/position offered to you, and the organization in general. Lastly, do not forget to ask for a signed contract.

Asking for a signed legal employment contract to ensure that this company/organization hiring you are lawful. You should then proceed and check for their business registration. Next, go to their website and call/message them and confirm whether the employment is legit. Always ensure you do business with legit platforms.

5. Avoid Paying Job-Related Fees and Training.

There is no online company that employs you and want to train you, will be requiring a fee or directing you to a site where you’ll need to pay, buy courses, before commencing a job. This is another method used by scammers to frequently demand money from their victims at various points during employment or onboarding.

Then, they’ll claim that the upfront cost is necessary for starting the new job, or training. Avoid these type of jobs, they’ll mostly turn out to be scammers.


This list of fake data entry companies and the most popular, common methods these fraudulent sites/people used in enticing people of their hard-earned money is exposed. I’ll be updating this list with more geniune data entry companies that will help you earn real money online working from home.

While at the same time, I’ll be updating this list of fake data entry companies and their tactics, protecting you from wasting your resources, time, and money. With the method shared above, I am certainly aware that you’re now fully aware, how to avoid online job scams using these warning flags.

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