Benin City Postal Code System 2024


Benin City Postal Codes: Benin City, the vibrant capital of Edo State in Nigeria, boasts a rich history, cultural heritage, and a mosaic of diverse neighborhoods. To navigate this sprawling city effectively and ensure seamless mail delivery, it’s crucial to acquaint yourself with the postal codes (also known as zip codes) of its various districts and wards. This comprehensive guide is your key to understanding and utilizing Benin City’s postal codes for precise addressing and hassle-free mail handling.

Here are Benin City Postal Codes


Location Postcode
2nd Cemetry Rd.300271
2nd Uzama Rd.300271
Abu St.300271
Agbo St.300271
Aghimier St.300271
Bandel St.300271
Children Medicals Sch.300271
Edaiy Cr.300271
Edo State300271
Ehalkpen St.300271
Ehevedin St.300271
Ekhoragbon St.300271
Evbotubu Rd.300271
Idi Ado St.300271
Idugboe St.300271
Igbinuwa Rd.300271
Igunkpe St.300271
Imagbenikan St.300271
Obaze Ave.300271
Ogbanon St.300271
Ogbemudia St.300271
Ogunfor St.300271
Okhiwo St.300271
Okunagboya St.300271
Omegie St.300271
Omokpai St.300271
Omoridivo St.300271
Omosede St.300271
Onawu St.300271
Osagie Ave.300271
Osaumense St.300271
Osazemide Ave.300271
Osogie St.300271
Owine St.300271
Oyenbebi St.300271
Ozolua St.300271
Unit St.300271
Uwagbue Rd.300271


Location Postcode
2nd Akhughe Ave.300211
Ahie St.300211
Ajayi St.300211
Akugbe St.300211
Ayo St.300211
Cook Rd.300211
Cross Rd.300211
D.P. Lawani St.300211
Edo Ave.300211
Edokpolo St.300211
Edosoman-Omosele St.300211
Emeke St.300211
Emovan Cl.300211
Esos St.300211
Ewanse Rd.300211
Federal Rd.300211
Ijaure St.300211
James Watt Rd.300211
Lawan St.300211
Medical Store Rd.300211
Noghayaghon St.300211
Oviabogle St.300211
Oriakhi St.300211
Roland St.300211
Upper Iweka Rd.300211
Upper Mission Rd.300211
Umugbae St.300211
Ofure St300211
Commercial Rd300211
Bright St300211
Ughelele St300211
Freedom St300211
Ngboha Rd300211
Onyo St300211
Liberty St300211
Anglican St300211
Central Primary School300021


Location Postcode
2nd East Rd.300241
2nd Iso Ln.300241
Adjemre Cl.300241
Akpata St.300241
Amayo Ave.300241
Dumu Rd.300241
Etinosa St.300241
Emeka St.300241
First East Circular300241
Goodnews St.300241
Iso Ln.300241
Iyebosa Rd.300241
Isuwa St.300241
Ivbiawo Ln.300241
Maria Gorretti Rd.300241
Ogbesasa St.300241
Obasuyi St.300241
Omorogbe Rep St.300241
Ogie St.300241
Okohoedion St.300241
Omoruyi St.300241
Osunde St.300241
Ondo Rd.300241
Power Line Ln.300241
Uwague St.300241
Ugomossu St.300241
Iruele St300241
Oyomon St300241
Ijewere St300241
Ubiaja CommunityPrimary School300241
College Rd300241
Orhuen Quarters300241
Safrando B. J. Hotel300241
Uokha St300241
Oriha St300241
Orhuen Primary School300241
Mission Rd300241
Egbemijie St300241


Location Postcode
2nd Ihogbe St.300281
2nd Ivbiore St.300281
2nd West Circular Rd.300281
3rd Ivbioma St.300281
Aibiokunla St.300281
Ariwsagbe St.300281
Azama St.300281
Dawson Rd.300281
Edo College Rd.300281
Emusante St.300281
Eresoye St.300281
Evbienwe St.300281
Emezegu St.300281
Ihogbe St.300281
Ire Ln.300281
Iwehen St.300281
Iyamu St.300281
Iyoha St.300281
Lawani St.300281
Mid-West St.300281
Nosayaba St.300281
Ogunbaghase St.300281
Okundia St.300281
Ore Ogbeme St.300281
Ororosa St.300281
Osa St.300281
Urubi St.300281
Utonmven St.300281
Uwa St.300281
West Circular Rd.300281
Wire Rd.300281
Yoruba St.300281


 Location Postcode
2nd Imueluyan St.300231
Agbomolu St.300231
Aruosa St.300231
Awogionoba St.300231
Efomo Otofure St.300231
Eki St.300231
Erumiator St.300231
Esigu St.300231
Evbayobors St. Igbesamwain St.300231
Igun St.300231
Ikpeba Rd.300231
Iyabosa St.300231
Makpenekpen St.300231
Murtala Mohammed Way300231
Osemmede St.300231
Otamere St.300231
Owina St.300231
Ozolue St.300231
Unueru Owbator St.300231
Upper Uwa300231
Virgine St.300231
Western Boys High Sch300231


Location Postcode
2nd Ughor Rd.300251
Adesuwa Gramm Sch300251
Adolo St.300251
Agho Amu St.300251
Aideyan Ave.300251
Aiguobasinwin Cr.300251
Aiyanyo Aigbekam St.300251
Akbionbare Ave.300251
Bello Way300251
Boundary Rd.300251
Central Rd.300251
Commercial Ave.300251
Delta Cr.300251
Ediale St.300251
Elema St.300251
Etete St.300251
Ezoti St.300251
First Ave.300251
Fourth Ave.300251
Golf Course300251
Guobade Ave.300251
Ihama Rd.300251
Ikporkpan Rd.300251
Muetinyan Ave.300251
Oba Emeka St.300251
Ogbetuo Ave.300251
Oghsao Cr.300251
Oghutuo Ave.300251
Ogiugo Cr.300251
Oguola Ave.300251
Ohammu Cl.300251
Ojo St.300251
Ojomo St.300251
Oko Central Rd.300251
Omonzogie Ave.300251
Oyaide Ave.300251
Reservation Rd.300251
Seventh Ave.300251
Sixth Ave.300251
Third Ave.300251
Airport Rd.300251


Agho St.300282
A Cl.300282
Aduki St.300282
Aigbedion St.300282
Agonsevbafe St.300282
Ahangr St.300282
Akposare St.300282
Aiyekiegaun St.300282
Ajar St.300282
Asigie St.300282
Akygbe St.300282
Alkionban St.300282
Brodricks St.300282
Egberevba St.300282
Ebo St.300282
Emoba St.300282
Eweka Eyeye St.300282
Idoboh St.300282
Ibuje Ave.300282
Isiohor St.300282
Idahosa St.300282
Ighadara St.300282
Idobor St.300282
Igbinoba St.300282
Iwasota St.300282
Izeor St.300282
Imuetoyan St.300282
Ihoeghan St.300282
Imafidon St.300282
Isokpon St.300282
Imutidun Rd.300282
Iredia St.300282
Iyehen St.300282
Mobile Cr.300282
Morgan St.300282
Ogbeide St.300282
Obakpolo Ave.300282
Obasohan St.300282
Ogiemwonyi St.300282
Ogheghe Rd.300282
Ogide St.300282
Omigie St.300282
Ojo Ln.300282
Okao St.300282
Osazuwa Rd.300282
Omoregie St.300282
Omorodion St.300282
Otole St.300282
Ovbieko Rd.300282
Otakhoighoge St.300282
Sadoh St.300282
Serhienhuen St.300282
St. Finbarr’s Rd.300282
Taxtile Mill Rd.300282
Uwagbue St.300282
Uwelu Rd.300282


 Location Postcode
A Cl.300283
Akugbe St.300283
Adolo College Rd.300283
Aikhionbare St.300283
Aduki St.300283
Agunsevbafe St.300283
Akposare St.300283
Brodnicks St.300283
Eaglet St.300283
Igbinoba St.300283
Momoh St.300283
Okungbowa St.300283
Otakhoigboge St.300283
Isidhor Housing Estate300283

Ewemade Village

Location Postcode
Absbor Ave.300261
Adesoghe Rd.300261
Akenzua St.300261
Asenoguen Ave.300261
Edebi Ora Cl.300261
Edema Ave.300261
Emeje St.300261
Erediuwa St.300261
Ero Ave.300261
Felicity St.300261
Gzoti St.300261
Iriajen Ave.300261
Iyabose St.300261
Konyewachie St.300261
Mohammed St.300261
Obayagbona St.300261
Oguguo Drive300261
Ora Cr.300261
Osake St.300261
Osanwonyi St.300261
Osughede St.300261
Uhimwen Drive300261
Zabayor St.300261


Location Postcode
Adobbor St.300233
Aguebor St.300233
Basu Motion St.300233
Eguageie St.300233
Eresoyen St.300233
Iluhed St.300233
Isosimwioba St.300233
Ogbetun St.300233
Omoreabe St.300233
Omorogiuwa St.300233
Osagie St.300233
Osaogilewa Rd.300233
Ozigbo St.300233
Republic St.300233
Uhumengho St.300233
Wire Rd.300233


Adobbor St.300233
Aguebor St.300233
Basu Motion St.300233
Eguageie St.300233
Eresoyen St.300233
Iluhed St.300233
Isosimwioba St.300233
Ogbetun St.300233
Omoreabe St.300233
Omorogiuwa St.300233
Osagie St.300233
Osaogilewa Rd.300233
Ozigbo St.300233
Republic St.300233
Uhumengho St.300233
Wire Rd.300233


Location Postcode
Ajibanghase St.300272
Okumbov St.300272



Summarizing the pivotal role of postal codes in Benin City’s postal system and encouraging readers to utilize the provided postal codes for accurate addressing and efficient mail handling.

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