How to Load Glo Card – Glo Recharge Code 2023

What is the glo recharge code to top up your airtime balance? This page will be providing you with the current Glo recharge PIN, How to Load Glo card, and Glo codes to enjoy rewards, bonuses and the cheapest bundles.

Here on this page, I’ll be showing you how to load Glo recharge card and activate special Glo data plans in Nigeria. The telecommunication giant, Globacomm currently have 50 million subscribers. So it’s no doubt that some users will want to know how to load a recharge card and activate special glo data plans in Nigeria.

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How to Load Glo Airtime Credit via Glo Recharge Code.

how to load glo card

Detailed Guide on How to Load Glo Card Using the Glo Recharge Code/PIN.

This is how you can easily recharge/load credit using the Glo airtime recharge card PIN:

First, dial *123* followed by recharge PIN code and #. E.g, *123*PIN# and then Send/Ok. For example, if the airtime PIN is 0000 12345 0000 123, here’s how to recharge it. Dial *123*111122223333444# and press Send or Ok. Make sure you see a confirmation pop-up message confirming that your airtime balance recharge was successful. If not, try again and check your glo airtime balance.

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Important Note: Globacom recharge cards are always 15 Digits. Some recharge cards may require you to scratch the silver linings to reveal the PIN code. Carefully scratch off the silver coatings to reveal the Recharge PIN.

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Online Recharge via Glo Website.

Glo Simple offers all Glo subscribers a simple, easy and secure way to top up airtime from their bank account. You can also recharge your Glo airtime directly from their website. Here is how you can do this.

  • Visit the Glo website
  • Click on “Recharge Now”
  • Enter your Glo phone number
  • Dial “*805#.”
  • Select your bank
  • Enter the amount of airtime you want to buy
  • Finally, you’ll receive a confirmation message on your phone that your transaction was successful.

How to Recharge Glo from your Bank.

If you’re busy or don’t have the time to walk down the street to get purchase a glo card from vendors, you can buy airtime directly from your bank. The only disadvantage here is that you won’t enjoy many bonuses associated with loading the card directly.

Banks have their special USSD codes for accessing many options such as Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)  using *737#; First Bank using *894#; United African Bank (UBA) using *919#; etc.

However, as a glo customer who does not know your bank code or how to recharge from your bank, simply dial *805#. You will be given various options to top-up your airtime through your bank. From here, you can choose your preferred choice and/or bank.

Currently, there are 13 banks on the *805# platform:

  • Access Bank.
  • FCMB.
  • Fidelity Bank.
  • Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.
  • Jaiz Bank.
  • Heritage Bank.
  • Keystone Bank.
  • Stanbic.
  • UBA.
  • Union Bank.
  • Unity Bank.
  • Zenith Bank.

How to Recharge Glo Twin Bash:

GLO TWIN BASH is a data/voice tariff plan that is accessible to all glo subscribers. This tariff plan gives users, a 6X recharge reward on every recharge as long as they recharge using the right USSD code. Here’s how to activate and enjoy the Glo 6X recharge reward.

  • Purchase a Glo recharge card of any amount (ranging from N100 – N5000). Proceed and dial this USSD code *127*PIN#. For example, if the airtime PIN is 0000 1111 2222 333, simply dial *127*111122223333444# and press Send/Ok to get 600% of its value, which can be used both for data and local airtime minutes.

How to Recharge Glo Amebo:

There’s another amazing package called the GLO AMEBO! You may have come across its advert on Nigerian TV, DSTV, Gotv, etc. This package offers all glo subscribers, 5X their recharge value.

The Glo Amebo package rewards Glo customers with five times (5X) the value recharges. Here’s what you need to know. The 5X bonus/reward is valid ONLY for fourteen (14) days or 30 days, depending on the recharge value.

Note that this Glo 5X Recharge gives you, 5 times (500%) worth of your recharge. You can get the Glo 5X recharge bonus by dialling *555* followed by the Recharge PIN#.

  • Dial *555*PIN# to get 5X the value of your recharge. For example, if the airtime PIN is 0000 1111 2222 333. Simply dial *555*111122223333444# and press Send or Ok.

The Glo 4X Method.

You can easily purchase a Glo recharge card and carefully scratch the silver panel of the card to reveal the PIN. Proceed and dial “*323* (15-digit PIN)#. Then press OK/Send on your mobile device to enjoy the 4X glo recharge bonus.

Glo Customer Care.

If you encountered any problem while trying to recharge, or your PIN is missing a number, you can reach out to glo customer care and get it resolved. If you find yourself in a situation where you have scratched a number out of the recharge PIN, you should quickly call the Glo Customer Care Line 121 or 200.

Benefits Of Recharging Glo Airtime.

There are lots of benefits to recharging glo airtime. These benefits include:

1. It enables you to make calls, send texts, and access the internet through Glo data subscription plans where ever you are in Nigeria.

2. Users can quickly top up/buy Glo airtime for friends and family as a gift.

3. Enjoy huge bonuses, and rewards when using the Glo recharge code.

4. You can easily convert your Glo airtime to cash. Yes, you can exchange your glo airtime balance for cash. You can convert your Glo airtime to cash by selling the airtime on various airtime exchange platforms.

How Many Digits Is Glo Recharge Card?

You should know that Glo Recharge Card contains a 15-digit PIN.

What is the recharge PIN for Glo?

*123*PIN#. This is the official recharge Glo recharge PIN code to top-up your airtime balance.

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