Recharge Code for MTN 2023: How to Load MTN Card

Want to know how to recharge MTN? Here’s the Recharge code for MTN that you can use to top up your data. I’ll be showing you, How to recharge MTN card in three ways, and the MTN recharge code.

You probably know of the popular *555* recharge code that has been used over the years, right? Have you heard of the new MTN recharge code that triples your recharge card value? Continue reading and find out.

How to Load MTN Card.

how to load mtn card

MTN recharge digit is a 12-PIN. Let’s say the MTN card’s PIN is 123456789012, you will need to dial, *555*123456789012#, then send. Ensure you receive a message that says your account was successfully recharged.

Dial *556# to check your Airtime balance. Note that your airtime balance will be updated with the value of the MTN card PIN you loaded.

How To Load MTN Card With New MTN Code.

Are you aware that there’s a new MTN Recharge Code For a 10-Digit PIN recharge card? This new code was recently introduced to Nigerians by MTN when the 10 Digit MTN recharge PIN was launched.

The new MTN USSD code to recharge the MTN 10-digit PIN recharge card is *3551*PIN#.

Let’s say for example, the MTN charging card you want to charge is; 12345-54321, the ussd code you need to dial to charge this charging card is *3551*12345543321#.

After dialling this shortcode, your MTN line will immediately be credited with the amount/value you purchased. Ensure you type in the correct MTN recharge card PIN or elese, you will get an error and no credit will be added to your MTN Line.

By using this new MTN recharge code, you are likely to receive airtime bonuses or data bonuses, depending on the amount of airtime you purchased and loaded on your Simcard.

Other Methods to Recharge MTN.

There are other viable and easy methods you can use to load MTN recharge cards. I’ve listed some other ways to recharge on MTN below:

  • Use MyMTN App.
  • Use MTN online platform, click HERE.
  • Use your bank app or ATM.
  • Use your bank shortcodes/USSD.
  • Take note that you can call the MTN customer care line, 180 (from your MTN SIM) or 08031230141; 08032005500 (from other network providers) if you have encountered any issues while trying the MTN recharge code.

How to Borrow Airtime from MTN.

For MTN subscribers/users who want to borrow Airtime, simply dial the MTN XtraTime. One good thing about MTN XtraTime is that it’s available for users on all MTN tariff plans.

To Borrow Airtime from MTN, simply dial *606# and follow the prompt to apply. You can dial *606*amount# or *303*amount# to borrow any amount you’re eligible to. Take note that the amount you’re allowed to borrow depends on how much you recharge monthly.

The borrowed amount will be deducted on your next recharge. However, this plan is only available for prepaid customers.

Eligibility Requirement to Borrow MTN Airtime:

  • You must be a Prepaid customer.
  • Your phone number must be registered with NIN.
  • Have been active on the MTN network for more than 3 months.
  • Have spent at least N200 monthly within three (3) months.
  • Have between N0 and N75 in your main account.
  • Paid up any outstanding XtraTime loan request.

MTN Recharge Code For Data.

Do you want to purchase a data bundle in order to browse the internet without buying topping-up your airtime balance? This is the code to use for MTN recharge code for data.

You can buy MTN data directly while recharging your phone.

I will be showing you how to load the mtn recharge card directly for data. That is, how to buy data with a recharge card pin.

Simple dial *555*Recharge PIN# on your phone. E.g, lets say that your Recharge PIN on the slip is 0000-1234-0000-12345, proceed and dial *555*090900014732# to load the card for data on MTN.

To buy data directly, dial *131*1#, select your preferred plan and subscribe. You will receive a confirmation message that the operation was successful.

MTN Special Data Plan:

Are you aware of the MTN special data package available to all MTN users? This is by far, the most sought-after data plan called the MTN Jolly Data Plan. This package is available to all MTN users.

What is the New MTN Recharge Code?

This is How to Recharge Your MTN Line Using the New Recharge Code. The new MTN recharge code is *3351*. To recharge with the new code, simply dial *3351*Credit PIN#. If you purchased an MTN recharge card that has 10-digits, you’ll need to use the new MTN recharge code to successfully load it.

How to Recharge Your MTN Line with Mtn 4X Bonus Code

Are you aware that you can get 4X the actual recharge amount on MTN using a secret code that isn’t too popular or advertised? To enjoy the MTN 4X recharge bonus, all that is required of you, is to dial the MTN 4x recharge code *888* followed by the PIN. e.g *888*recharge pin#.

For example, if you load N500 airtime using the *888* shortcode, you’ll get N2,000 airtime on your line to make calls.

How to Use the Old MTN Recharge Code.

*555# has been the undisputable MTN recharge code for years, till of recent. This was the first recharge code introduced by MTN. If you purchase a recharge card, and the PIN number on the recharge card is 12 digits, 16 digits, or 17-digits PIN, you should use the MTN old Recharge pin to load the airtime. To use the old MTN recharge code, dial *555*with the recharge card#. That is, dial *555*Recharge pin# to load the airtime.

How to Recharge Your MTN Using Bank Recharge Code.

For MTN users who wishes to buy airtime through their bank, you can do so with the MTN bank recharge code. Simply dial *904#, and follow the prompt to recharge your MTN line.


If you encountered any issue while trying to recharge your MTN line or buying airtime, don’t hesitate to reach us using the comment section.

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