JAMB Novels 2023: 2023 JAMB Novel Life Changer PDF Download

The 2023 JAMB Novels is Life Changer, and I’ll be writing on the summary of the life changer chapter by chapter, the life changer jamb novel pdf download, and Life changer summary and questions. I’ll be sharing with you, Questions you should expect from the Life Changer in the upcoming UTME 2023.

The Life Changer Summary 2023: This is the officially approved and ONLY recommended JAMB textbook that will be used to test candidates in the Use of English examination, which is compulsory for all candidates. On this page, I’ll be sharing with you, the summary of ‘The Life Changer’ to aid you in preparing for the forthcoming 2023 JAMB exam.

Wishing all candidates sitting for the 2023 JAMB UTME, the best JAMB result 2023.

the life changer jamb novel


The Joint Admission Matriculation Board, JAMB management has officially announced to all candidates sitting for the 2023 UTME examination, that their questions in the Use of English will be pulled from the Novel titled “The Life Changer”, authored by Khadija Abubakar Jalli.

Take note that it’s mandatory during JAMB registration, that your JAMB center should provide every candidate who have successfully registered, with a copy of The Life Changer.

The novel will be given to candidates after a successful registration in any of the 2023 JAMB-accredited CBT centres. However, this will be after the candidate had obtained the JAMB e-registration PIN (at the cost of ₦3,500 plus an additional ₦500 for the JAMB novels).

About the Novel and Author:

This book is a story about the story and events of life on campus. Trimmed with underlying hope and confidence, the book supports and validates the tenets of hope and redemption in the lives of our youth who are getting admitted into tertiary institutions. The storyline is fully focused on the escapades of Salma and her roommates in the university as they swim in the unstable and stormy tides of school life.

The Author:

The Author of this Novel is Khadija Abubakar Jalli. She holds a B.Sc (Ed) Mathematics degree. Khadija is also an entrepreneur and CEO of She’s Boutique Afrique. Khadija Abubakar Jalli is a married woman and her union is blessed with kids.

The Life Changer is her very first publication as a writer and novelist. Through her narrative, you’ll understand that she’s saying that the female voice is making a rebound on the barrier of the African literary scene, which has been dominated by men for decades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers on Life Changer Novel.

1. Who wrote the novel “The Life Changer”?
Answer: Khadija Abubakar Jalli.

2. Why did the mother stop and listened to their conversation?
Answer: The Mother paused and start listening to their conversation because there was something about the laughter that caught her attention.

3. What was Salma’s physical appearance?
Answer: Salma is a fair-complexioned girl. Tall, slim and but a bit on the busty side.

4. Why was the Head of Department (HOD) close to Ummi?
Answer: She knows her husband very well and was even the one who worked her admission.

5. What is the Novel “The Life Changer” All About?
Answer: The writer, Khadija AbubaKar Jali’s novel “The life changer” discloses that this novel is about the changes that occur in the life of a student in university. The major focus of this novel is the themes of hope and redemption in young people’s lives.

6. Is the” Life Changer” the Novel for JAMB 2023?
Answer: JAMB board has retained The Life Changer as the official JAMB novel for 2023.

7. Who is the Main Character in the Novel The Life Changer?
Answer: The main character in this novel is named Salma Mohammed, the narrator’s coursemate at the university.

Download The Life Changer PDF Complete Novel.

The Life Changer Novel PDF Download.

Download The Life Changer PDF Summary 2023.

The Life Changer Summary PDF Download 2023.

JAMB 2023 Questions from The Life Changer.

Here are some potential questions and answers on The Life Changer Novel we are certain will be asked in the 2023 Use of English questions.

What time does Ummi’s husband usually close from work?
Answer: Ummi’s husband usually closes from work by 5 pm.

Why does Bint’s mom often enter her children’s bedroom without knocking on the door?
Answer: She wanted them to get used to her presence and to always ensure they maintain good hygiene by keeping their room tidy always.

How many credits did Omar get in his WAEC?
Answer: Omar got 7 credits in his WAEC including in English and mathematics on his first attempt.

Who answered the Teacher’s first question in the first chapter of the novel?
Answer: Bint

What did Omar demand his siblings refer to him as?
Answer: Omar asked that his siblings, Teemah and Jamilar call him “My Learned Brother”.

Why didn’t Ummi tell her children a story about her experience at the university?
Answer: Ummi’s refused to tell her kids a story about her experience in the university because she felt they were much too young to know about life on campus, especially when it comes to telling her story and what she experienced on campus.

Who is Teemah?
Answer: She is Ummi’s first Daughter and also her second child.

Who is Bint?
Answer: Bint is Ummi’s daughter, she is her youngest child.

Who went to buy the Zobo drink?
Answer: Teemah went to buy the Zobo drink.

Who offered to pay for the Zobo drink?
Answer: Ummi offered to pay for the Zobo drink.

What was Omar’s JAMB score?
Answer: Omar scored 230 in his UTME.

What questions did Bint ask her teacher that made him nervous and uncomfortable?
Answer: She asked him how to say “that’s very good” in French language which he obviously doesn’t know.

What was the first question Bint’s Social Studies teacher asked the classroom when quizzing them on French?
Answer: He asked them to greet Good morning in French.

How many kids did Ummi have?
Answer: Ummi had four kids, 3 girls, and a boy.

Why did Bint’s parents encourage her to study French?
Answer: They believed learning a new language at an early age was easy and French is a widely spoken international language.

What course did Ummi’s husband study at the university?
Answer: Ummi’s husband studies Accounting at the university although he initially wanted to study Law.

Who used to say “What you teach a child is like writing on a hard rock and when dried it would be difficult to erase”
Answer: Ummi’s grandmom.

Final Conclusion.

Here’s our conclusion and summary of the 2023 official JAMB Novels, The Life Changer. Authored by Khadija Abubakar Jalli. Anyone who has any questions should not hesitate to reach out to us through the comment section.

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