How to Hide Number on MTN (2023), #3 Trick will Shock You

Privacy in communication is paramount, and on MTN, concealing your number can be easily achieved through various methods. Here’s a detailed guide on how to hide number on MTN effectively:

1. MTN’s Caller ID Blocking Service

MTN provides a convenient Caller ID Blocking service, allowing users to hide their number during calls effortlessly. To activate this feature:

  • Dial *31# followed by the recipient’s phone number to hide your caller ID.
  • To remove the caller ID blocking, dial #31# followed by the recipient’s number.

Keep in mind, that once you deactivate the caller ID blocking, your number will be visible to the recipient until you re-enable the feature using *31# before making a call.

2. Use Your Phone’s Settings

Most smartphones offer an in-built option to hide caller IDs. Here’s how you can access and activate this feature:

  • Navigate to your phone’s settings.
  • Tap on “Call settings,” “Additional settings,” or similar options.
  • Select “Caller ID” or “Hide number” to conceal your number during outgoing calls.

3. Third-Party Apps for Concealment

Exploring third-party apps is another option to mask your number on MTN:

  • Consider apps like “Hide my number” or “Caller ID Faker” from reputable sources.
  • These apps provide an alternative method to hide your number for calls or text messages.

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Advantages of Hiding Your Number

Concealing your number offers several advantages:

  • Privacy: Safeguard personal information and maintain confidentiality.
  • Security: Avoid unwanted calls or protect your identity in sensitive situations.

Considerations and Limitations

While hiding your number is beneficial, it’s essential to note:

  • Revealing Number: Deactivating the feature displays your number to recipients.
  • App Dependence: Third-party apps might have varied effectiveness.

Legal and Ethical Implications

Understanding the legal aspects is crucial:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure adherence to local telecommunication regulations.
  • Ethical Use: Respect the privacy rights of others while hiding your number.

Comparison with Other Networks

Comparing MTN’s services with other providers highlights its uniqueness:

  • Feature Variation: Assess how MTN’s offerings differ from other networks.
  • Effectiveness: Understand the efficiency of MTN’s caller ID blocking compared to competitors.

User Experience and Feedback

Gaining insights from user experiences is vital:

  • Practicality: Real-world experiences of users using MTN’s caller ID blocking.
  • Feedback: Understand the usability and effectiveness of the service.

Common Misconceptions

Dispelling myths and addressing misconceptions helps clarify doubts:

  • Anonymity Duration: Clarify if hiding your number provides permanent anonymity.
  • Limitations: Discuss limitations users might encounter.

Future of Privacy on Mobile Networks

A glimpse into the future reveals potential advancements:

  • Enhancements: Explore possible improvements in hiding number features.
  • Technological Shifts: Predictions on how mobile networks will evolve regarding privacy.

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Hiding your number on MTN ensures enhanced privacy and security. Understanding the available methods and their implications empowers users to make informed decisions about their communication privacy.


  1. How do I hide my number on MTN?
    • The primary method to hide your number on MTN is by using the Caller ID Blocking service. Simply dial *31# followed by the recipient’s phone number to hide your caller ID. To reveal your number, dial #31# followed by the phone number you want to call. Keep in mind that once you remove the caller ID blocking, your phone number will be displayed to the person you’re calling until you activate the feature again by dialing *31# before making a call.
  2. Is it legal to hide my number on MTN?
    • Yes, it’s legal to hide your number on MTN. The service provided by MTN for caller ID blocking is within legal boundaries, allowing users to conceal their numbers during calls.
  3. Will the recipient know I’ve hidden my number?
    • If you’ve activated caller ID blocking using *31#, your number will not be visible to the recipient. However, if you deactivate this feature using #31#, your number will be displayed to the recipient until you reactivate the caller ID blocking.
  4. Can I selectively hide my number for specific calls?
    • Yes, you can selectively hide your number for specific calls using MTN’s caller ID blocking service. Simply dial *31# followed by the recipient’s phone number to conceal your identity for that particular call.
  5. Are third-party apps secure for hiding my number?
    • While some third-party apps claim to hide your number, their security and effectiveness may vary. It’s advisable to research and use reputable apps from trusted sources to ensure security when concealing your number.
  6. What are the potential drawbacks of hiding my number on MTN?
    • Deactivating caller ID blocking may lead to your number being displayed to the recipient. Additionally, third-party apps might have limitations or varying levels of effectiveness in concealing your number.

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