Recharge Code for Airtel – How to Load Airtel Card (2023 Update)

What is the recharge code for Airtel? How can I load Airtel card on my phone? I’ll be sharing with you, the Airtel recharge card code to load your sim card with a bundle you purchased. This method will show you, how to recharge airtel card in Nigeria.

I’ll also be sharing with you, How to load and recharge Airtel from your bank too.

How To Load Airtime Using The Airtel Recharge Code.

recharge code for airtel

This is the official Recharge Code for Airtel.

The recharge code for Airtel is *126*PIN# and send.

To load Airtel card, simply dial *126*Recharge PIN#. For example, the Airtel recharge PIN is 1234 5678 9012 3456, all that is required of you to load the airtime is to dial: *126*1234567890123456# and send/call.

Wait for a confirmation message that will notify you that your account has been recharged successfully.

Airtel Recharge Code for Bank.

You can now recharge your Airtel sim card by dialing *444#.

The *444# is a newly introduced Airtel’s USSD shortcode that gives all Airtel customers the ability to recharge their Airtel lines from their bank accounts in Nigeria.

Take note that this will ONLY work if that Airtel line is linked to your bank account.

If your Airtel number is connected/linked with your bank account, simply dial *444# to buy Airtime or Data from your bank, without the need to step out of your house to purchase an Airtel recharge card.

What can *444# Do?

With the *444#, you can achieve all these below:

· Recharge for self.
· Recharge for Friends and Family
· Buy data bundles for self
· Buy data bundle for friends and family
· Postpaid Option (COMING SOON)

How to Load Airtel Balance with Bank.

To commence, dial *444# OR *444*AMOUNT# and send.
· Select the service/product option you want from the list provided on your screen.
· Select a payment option either through your Bank or you can choose to pay with a Debit card.

Airtel Bonus Recharge Code.

This particular code is important for people who want to recharge their Simcard for calls. The Airtel Bonus recharge code gives you 6X your recharge.

This means that by using the Airtel bonus code, you’ll get 600% of your airtime which can be used for making calls, SMS, and data subscriptions for browsing the internet.

To successfully activate the Airtel 6X bonus, dial the Airtel bonus code that starts with *555*Recharge PIN# to get this bonus.

Recharge AmountReceived valueValidity

Dial *555*Recharge PIN# to recharge your Airtel line and activate the Airtel 6X bonus. For example, if the number on the recharge card is 1234 5678 9012 3456, you’ll have to dial the special bonus code, which is: *555*1234567890123456# and send it to load the card.

Check Airtel Recharge Balance (Airtime & Data).

  • To check your Airtel airtime balance, dial *123# and send. You’ll receive your Airtime balance.
  • For Airtel users who activated the 6x bonus, To check the 6X bonus airtime balance, simply dial *222#.
  • To check your Airtel data balance, Click Here.

How Many Digits Is Airtel Recharge Card?

The Airtel Nigeria Airtime Recharge Card contains a total of sixteen (16) digit PIN. Any PIN that is less than, or above 16 digits is not Airtel Recharge code.

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