How to Check Glo Data Balance via SMS, USSD and Online

If you want to know how to check balance on glo, here’s the best guide. I’ll be showing you, the top three (3) best method, including the quickest way, how to check glo data balance.

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It’s not surprising that more people are eager to know how they can quickly check glo data balance and bonus since this network is offering the cheapest data balance in Nigeria.

how to check glo data balance

How to Check Glo Data Balance.

It may surprise you to know that people get confused asking questions like “how to check data balance on glo” and “how to check glo data balance”, it’s the same question, and certainly, have the same answer.

Note that you can use the Glo USSD shared below to check your glo data balance without using your data or account balance. This USSD code works 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Check Glo Data Balance Code.

To check your Glo data Balance, dial *777#, and send/call. After dialing this code, select Manage Data ⇒ then Data Balance.

Once you’ve done this, you will receive a text message from Globalcom network, containing a complete detail of your current data balance, glo bonus data balance, expiry, and maybe one or two lucrative offers.

Check Glo Data Balance via USSD.

  • You can also check your Glo data balance via USSD, simply dial *127*0# on your phone and send/call.
  • After doing this, a message will pop-up on your screen, showing you your Glo data balance.
  • Still, you can dial *777#, this automatically takes to you the glo’s menu, next, select your current subscription plan, then choose manage data. Your subscription plan/expiry date, bundles remaining, etc will be shown to you and sent as an SMS to the Simcard.

Check Glo Data Balance Online.

However, if you want to check glo data balance online, especially for those using a Modem or router, visit glo’s official portal at When the portal loads up, you’ll see your complete data balance details.

Take note that you have to connect to the internet through the glo Simcard that has the data bundle for the portal to correctly show you, your balance.

How to Check Glo data balance via SMS.

Do you know that checking your Glo data balance can be done via SMS? Here’s the complete step-by-step procedure.

  • For subscribers who prefer to check their balance through SMS,  simply send ‘INFO’ to 127.
  • After doing this, you’ll receive a reply from 127.
  • This message will contain everything you need to know about your current Glo internet subscription. Remaining gigabyte and expiry date.

Glo Data Plan Codes.

I honestly think it is only right that after sharing the complete guide on how to check Glo data balance, you may also be interested in knowing the most affordable glo data plans and activation codes.

Daily Glo Data Plan Codes.

32MB 1 Day Plan  N50  Code  *777#
105MB 1 Day Plan  N100  Code  *777#
350MB 2 Days Plan  N200  Code  *777#
1GB 1 Day Plan  N300  Code  *777#
2GB 2 Days Plan  N500  Code  *777#
1.5GB 1 Sunday Plan  N200  Code  *777#.

Night Data Plan Codes.

  • 250MB – 1 Night Plan – N25 – Code – *777#
  • 500MB – 1 Night Plan – N50 – Code – *777#
  • 1GB – 5 Nights Plan – N100 – Code – *777#

Weekly Glo Data Plan Codes.

  • 1.05GB – 14 Days Plan – N500 – Code – *777#
  • 7GB – 7 Days Plan – N1500 – Code – *777#

Glo Campus Data Booster.

225MB  2 Days Plan  N100  *777#
450MB  4 Days Plan  N200  *777#
1.12GB  7 Days Plan  N500  *777#
2.25GB  15 Days Plan  N1000  *777#
4.5GB  30 Days Plan  N2000  *777#
11.2GB  30 Days Plan  N5000  *777#

Monthly Glo Data Plan Codes.

2.5GB  30 Days Plan  N1000  *777#
4.1GB  30 Days Plan  N1500  *777#
5.8GB  30 Days Plan  N2000  *777#
7.7GB  30 Days Plan  N2500  *777#
10GB  30 Days Plan  N3000  *777#
13.25GB  30 Days Plan  N4000  *777#
18.25GB  30 Days Plan  N5000  *777#
29.5GB  30 Days Plan  N8000  *777#
50GB  30 Days Plan  N10000  *777#
93GB  30 Days Plan  N15000  *777#
119GB  30 Days Plan  N18000  *777#
138GB  30 Days Plan  N20000  *777#


It’s very important to know how you can check your data balance on glo and glo Data Plan Code.

Do you know one category that makes glo stands out among other networks? it’s the fact that as a new Glo subscriber, there is always a chance to enjoy a great bonus when you’re subscribing for the first six (6) months.

That is all for now. However, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us in the comment section below. Any of our writer will be happy to answer your question.

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