How to Check my Glo Number

There are various ways of checking your glo number online. If you’re searching for how to check my glo number, we have four methods on how you can do this quickly.

One of the best methods of checking your glo number on your Glo sim card is by dialling their USSD.

Best three methods to Check Glo Number.

  • Dail a four-digit number specifically create to voice-out your number.
  • USSD code.
  • Visiting Glo’s official website.

How to Check Glo Number Fast?

I kow, most people would want to know the fastest means of checking their number, and I bet you, it’s by dailing their USSD or calling the four-digit-number.

How 2 know my glo number

Dailing 1244 to Get your Number.

The easiest method to retrieve your Glo number is by dialling 1244 (there’s no * in the front or # ending it) Just dial 1244 and call. A voice note will automatically voice out the number.

Take note, you must dail 1244 on the glo Simcard you want to retrieve its number. For those still confused, simply follow this easy process to know your Glo number:

  • Make sure you have inserted your Glo sim into a phone.
  • Proceed and dial 1244 from the phone dialer.
  • Listen to the system’s voice as it calls out your Glo number.
  • In a case while jotting down the number and you didn’t get it all, you can call the number again. It’s toll-free (which means you won’t be charged).

How to Check My Glo Number.

To see your Glo phone number, simply dial *135*8# and send. Your glo phone number will appear on your mobile phone screen. Usually, the number is displayed with your country’s code in the front.

It’s important to note here once you dial *135*8#; the 11-digit numbers assigned to your glo line will be displayed on your screen.

To ensure you save the number, a message will be sent to your inbox to emphasize the information you got from the USSD command.

How 2 know my glo Number.

Another working method is using the glo self-care portal.

Using the glo self-care portal to check, get or retrieve your number is another working method too.

However, note that the Glo Bolt features a unique Self-Care Portal available at, and this website can only be accessed on the Glo network.

While others does not require anything, using the glo portal requires you are connected to the internet. (As mentioned above, it’s mandatory that you access the website with your Glo SIM as the data connection source) you’ll be able to see your number displayed on the top of the self-care portal.

For those who want to use glo sim card in their router or modem, and do not have a smartphone that connects to the internet, simply put the Glo SIM in a modem, plug it into a PC and access the website. Your glo number will also be shown to you.

Glo APN Setting for Modem.

If this is the first time you are connecting your modem via Glo or using their network to browse the internet, use the Glo APN settings below to manually configure your modem.

Config Name: Glo
Dial Number: *99#
APN Address: gloworld
Username: flat
Password: flat.

Congrats, no doubt you certainly must have seen your glo number by now. If there is any issue, you can contact glo’s customer care support using the guide below.

Glo Customer Care Number: 0805 002 0121.

How do I contact Glo customer services?

You can reach glo’s customer call centre by dialling 121 or 200 or send an email to

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