New MTN Night Sub Code 2023: How to do Night Sub on MTN

In the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications, cost-effective data plans have become a necessity. Enter the MTN Night Subscriptions, a gateway to affordable data access during the twilight hours. In this article, I’ll reveal the MTN night sub code and guide you on how to do night sub on MTN. I’ll also delve deeper into this service, offering insights into its features, activation process, pricing, and optimal usage.

Understanding MTN Night Subscriptions

The MTN Night Subscriptions provide users with discounted data rates during specified night hours, enabling seamless internet browsing, downloads, and streaming. Designed for nocturnal users, it offers economical connectivity options, catering to various usage patterns.

Benefits of MTN Night Subscriptions

The allure of this subscription lies in its cost-effectiveness. For a nominal fee, users gain access to substantial data volumes—250MB for 25 Naira or 500MB for 50 Naira—ideal for late-night surfing, downloads, and streaming sessions.

How to Subscribe

Activating the MTN Night Subscriptions is a straightforward process, ensuring hassle-free enrollment for users seeking affordable nighttime data.


Activation Process

To subscribe, users on the MTN Pulse or iPulse tariff plans can dial *406# and select option 3 for the Nightlife Plan. Alternatively, sending specific SMS commands (NT1 to 131 for 250MB or NT2 to 131 for 500MB) after ensuring a minimum balance of 50 Naira initiates the subscription.

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Validity and Usage

Understanding the duration, timing, and usage details of the MTN Night Subscriptions aids users in making informed decisions regarding their data utilization.

Validity Period

The subscribed data remains active between 12 AM and 5 AM daily, ensuring a cost-effective window for nocturnal browsing and streaming activities.

Usage of Different Devices

The versatility of this service extends to all devices, including feature phones, smartphones (Android, iPhone), Blackberry devices, and laptops.

MTN Night Sub Code

For ease of access and subscription, users can dial *406# and follow the prompts or utilize specific SMS commands to subscribe to their preferred data volume.

How to Optimize MTN Night Subscriptions

Maximizing the benefits of this subscription involves strategic planning and utilization tactics to make the most out of the allocated data volume.

Strategic Usage

Scheduling downloads, updates, and streaming sessions during the night hours optimizes the usage of the discounted data rates.

Limitations and Cancellation

Despite its advantages, the MTN Night Subscriptions come with certain limitations and provisions for cancellation.


Users might experience speed throttling after surpassing a specific data threshold, ensuring fair usage for all subscribers.

Cancellation Process

To discontinue the subscription or stop automatic renewals, users can send an SMS with the code “STOP NIGHT” to 131.

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Q1: Can I use the MTN Night Subscriptions without being on the MTN Pulse or iPulse tariff plans?

A: Unfortunately, the MTN Night Subscriptions are exclusive to users on the MTN Pulse or iPulse tariff plans. To enjoy the discounted rates and benefits offered by the Night Subscriptions, users must migrate to these specific plans.

Q2: Is there a rollover feature for unused data from the Night Subscriptions?

A: Regrettably, the Night Subscriptions do not facilitate the rollover of unused data to subsequent nights. Any unused data within the subscription period, typically between 12 AM and 5 AM, expires and does not carry over to the following nights.

Q3: Can I subscribe multiple times in a night for additional data?

A: The MTN Night Subscriptions allow for a single subscription per night. Users cannot subscribe multiple times within the same night to accumulate additional data. However, users can choose between the available data volume options (250MB or 500MB) for a single subscription during the night window.

Q4: How can I ensure optimal speed and performance during night usage?

A: To maximize speed and performance during the night usage of the MTN Night Subscriptions, users are advised to ensure a stable network connection. Additionally, avoiding heavy congestion periods and employing efficient data usage practices, such as scheduling downloads during off-peak hours, can contribute to optimal performance.

Q5: Are there any additional charges or hidden fees associated with the Night Subscriptions?

A: The Night Subscriptions are structured to offer transparent and affordable data rates without hidden charges. However, users should maintain a minimum balance of 50 Naira to subscribe to either the 250MB or 500MB Night Subscriptions. It’s recommended to confirm the balance and subscription details before opting for the Night Subscriptions.

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