Glo Yakata Data Plans, all Rates Charges, Free 6GB Data for 2023

The Glo Yakata plan is packed full of so many goodies that if you’re on the GLO network and you’re yet to enjoy the Yakata packages, you’re missing out.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Glo Yakata package, including its subscription Code, Glo Yakata call rates charges, and free 6GB data. Before diving into the benefits of this tariff, how to migrate and activate Yakata, etc, I think it’s important you know exactly what Glo Yakata is.

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What is the Glo YAKATA Prepaid Plan?

Glo Yakata Prepaid plan is a package created by this telecommunication giant to reward customers with amazing data and voice benefits every time they recharge their Glo lines. This means the Glo Yakata is available to all customers actively recharging their sim cards and buying data bundles.

It is also important to note here that all new Glo customers (prepaid) will get Glo Yakata data plans automatically once they activate their lines without any need to migrate or dial a special migration code. This is the perfect time to get a glo sim card, register it and start making maximum use of this package.

glo yakata plan

How to Migrate to Glo Yakata.

However, for existing customers, good news! Globacomm has made it possible for all existing customers to enjoy the Yakata package.

Existing customers can easily migrate to the Glo Yakata package by dialling *230#. But if you’re buying/registering a new Simcard, you are on Glo Yakata by default.

This service comes with a lot of great and amazing goodies and offers that are amazing. The Glo yakata comes with numerous voice and data benefits. When you buy Glo SIM, you get up to 6GB of data every month for 6 months (that is 36GB of data) plus a whopping 2,200% on every N100 recharge to call any network in Nigeria. (Yes, you can use the glo yakata bonus to call your friends on MTN, 9Mobile, and Airtel.)

Another benefit of this amazing tariff plan is the call rates. Making calls to other glo customers, and other networks in the Yakata plan is affordable. To be honest, the downside of the Yakata tariff is that when using the bonuses to call other networks like MTN, Airtel, and 9mobile, it is a bit high when compared to other Glo packages and tariff plans.

Glo Yakata Benefits, Bonuses and Balances Explained.

For every recharge you make, you’re certain of getting an airtime bonus, and data bonus on the Glo Yakata prepaid data plan.

For every top-up of N100, you get a 2,200% value of it. What this entails is this. When you recharge/load N100 on your Glo Simcard, you will be given a whopping 2,200% bonus value (which is N2,200).

If you recharge N200, you’ll be rewarded with a N4,400 bonus. After your recharge, you will have 5 Account balance. Here is a complete breakdown of the 5 accounts and how the 2,200% bonus is split.

  • Voice benefit main balance: Your main recharge amount.
  • Bonus Account (Voice): This account gets a total of 350% of your recharge.
  • Data Value: 175% of your top-up can be used to browse the internet00.
  • First recharge of the month Data Benefits: 50MB on N100 top-up and 2.5GB on N5000 top-up.

Important Note: Take note that you will only receive the data benefit one first recharge of the month for the first six (6) months. The validity period of all bonuses is 7 days, but there is an exception if you have an existing data bundle already on the Simcard. The Glo YAKATA data bonus assumes the validity period of the existing data plan.

Recharge Amount (N)Main Acct All-Net (N)Bonus Acct On-Net Voice Benefit  (N)Bonus Acct All-Net Voice Benefit  (N)Data Benefit (MB)Social Data Benefit* (MB)Data Benefit on 1st recharge of the month (MB)


Here’s how you will be charged when using the Glo yakata to call another glo number or any network. However, you should know that you will be charged from your voice bonus account first before moving to the main account when making calls. Although you can not make international calls or pay for any added service with the bonus. If you are to make an international call or pay for any added services, your main account balance will be charged.

  • Glo to Glo call rate for this Glo YAKATA tariff is 55kobo per second, amounting to N33 per minute.
  • While calls to other Networks is charged at 70 kobo per second which amounts to N42 per minute.
  • SMS charges are N4 per message on the main account, but if you use the bonus account, you will be charged N14 per message.

Glo Yakata Prepaid Plan Benefits.

These are all the benefits you’ll enjoy while surfing on the Glo YAKATA prepaid plan.

  • You’ll get a maximum of 6GB of free data every month for the first 6 months.
  • 2,200% airtime bonus on every N100 recharge to call all Networks.
  • The Yakata tariff plan voice bonus can be used to call other networks, and can be accumulated, the more you recharge, the more call voice value you get.
  • On this Yakata plan, You will receive a special data bonus which is 2.5 times higher than the regular data offer, but the first recharge of the month MUST be at least, N200
  • The bonus is valid for 7days.

GLO Yakata Subscription Code.

If you’re eager to migrate and activate the glo Yakata tariff plan, here’s the best working guide I’ll recommend to you.

  • To subscribe or migrate to the Glo Yakata, dial *230#. However, before dailing the migration code, it’s essential you confirm if you are on the plan already by dialing *100# on your Glo line.
  • To check your bonus, simply dial *230*1# to check all bonuses offered to you. After every successful recharge, you will receive confirmation messages.

How to Check Glo Yakata Bonus.

Checking your data and voice bonus on this tariff plan is easy. After every successful recharge, a confirmation message (SMS) will be sent to your phone. However, for one reason or another you didn’t receive any confirmation messages, use the USSD code below check your Yakata bonus.

To check your Glo Yakata bonus, dial the USSD code *230*1#.

Glo Yakata Bonus Validity.

The bonus received from every recharge lasts for 7 days.

How to Unsubscribe from Glo Yakata.

  • Unsubscribing from the Glo YAKATA plan is 100% free. To unsubscribe, simply dial *220#.

*Please note that after unsubscribing from this plan and you choose to migrate back to the Yakata tariff within the same month, you’ll attract a charge of N100 per migration.

Take note that these glo Yakata benefits also reflect/show on your Sim account balance (voice and data balance) when you purchase airtime from your bank, atm, etc. You will get these benefits on both physical and e-recharge platforms.

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