How to Check your Name on JAMB Matriculation List 2023 : JAMB Matriculation Portal

Here’s how you can check your Name on the JAMB Matriculation List for the 2023/2024 academic session. Are you aware that the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has officially launched a portal through which prospective members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) can check if their admissions are being recognised by JAMB?

With the JAMB Matriculation List portal, it’s now easy for all NYSC prospects to check whether their admission is recognized and approved by JAMB. This portal is accessible to all prospective NYSC corpers.

Why is the JAMB Matriculation List Important?

Through the JAMB Matriculation list, prospective NYSC corpers can now check and know if their application to the NYSC is accepted or declined. If your name is not found on the JAMB matriculation list, you are declined and won’t be joining the corpers going for that batch, and vice-versa when your name appeared on that list.

Ensure you verify your name on the JAMB matriculation list. Because only candidates/NYSC prospects whose names appear on this list are recognised as genuine students from the various accredited institutions.

How to be Qualified to be on JAMB Matriculation List 2023.

  1. Ensure you print out your JAMB Admission Letter Online from the JAMB e-Facility portal.
  2. Print your JAMB Original Result Slip from the JAMB e-Facility portal.
  3. Make sure you verify the two documents with the admission officer in the school you graduated from.

How to Check JAMB Matriculation List 2023.

Here’s a simple but detailed step-by-step guide on how to check your JAMB matriculation status, to know whether you’re eligible for the NYSC 1-year program.

Step 1: Go to the matriculation list portal at

how to check jamb matriculation list portal

Step 2: When the portal loads up, select your examination year from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: In the blank box provided, type in your JAMB Registration number.

Step 4: Proceed and click on “Fetch My Details”.

NOTE: You will receive one of the five (5) under-listed messages once you have successfully check your status on the JAMB Matriculation List using the above proceed:

  1. Congratulations.
  2. Kindly print JAMB admission letter.
  3. Kindly print JAMB result slip.
  4. Kindly print JAMB admission letter and result slip.
  5. You are not given admission yet.

Here’s what these five (5) messages Mean.

Congratulation: Students who after checking their Matriculation status and got “congratulations…” as a prompt message, this means you have been confirmed by JAMB and all your details are submitted. Wait for the next batch, as you will be mobilised for NYSC for the graduates.

Kindly Print JAMB Admission Letter: Students who got the “kindly print JAMB admission letter” as a prompt message when they checked their Matriculation status on JAMB, kindly visit a cyber cafë outlet, where you can easily log into your JAMB profile and print out your JAMB Admission Letter immediately.

Kindly Print JAMB Result Slip: Students who received this message prompt: “Kindly print JAMB result slip” As a prompt message, you’re required to visit a cyber café outlet closest to you, and print out your result slip immediately. This message is mostly applicable to students who got admission through Direct Entry (DE).

Kindly Print JAMB Admission Letter and Result Slip: If you received this prompt message when checking your NYSC matriculation status on the JAMB portal, quickly visit a Cyber café Outlet to immediately print out both the “JAMB admission letter and Original JAMB Result slip”.

You are Not Given Admission Yet: Students who got the prompt message: “you have not been given admission yet” while checking the JAMB matriculation list to check their NYSC eligibility status, quickly go for the regularisation of admissions, and this can be achieved on the JAMB portal. A form will be generated online, which should be submitted to the Admission Office for further processing. After the Form has been successfully submitted, you will receive a message via email from JAMB, directly you to print out your JAMB admission letter.

NOTE: Take note that you can do all these, printing the Admission Letter, JAMB original result slip, etc by logging into JAMB portal using your registration.

Congratulations to all Candidates who are checking their NYSC eligibility status on the JAMB matriculation list. We wish you the best.

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