Login To JAMB Portal Using Registration Number 2023

Do you want to login to JAMB Portal using registration number? There are various reasons why candidates may choose to Login to the JAMB portal.

However, the majority of guides I’ve come across disclosed that candidates can ONLY login using the email address and Password created during their JAMB registration and JAMB profile creation. So How possible is it that you can login to the JAMB portal using JAMB registration number?

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Are you aware that you can easily create the JAMB profile for free and Login? If you already have an account and forgot your password, you can easily retrieve it with your phone number. (Take note that the phone number must be the same number you used in creating your JAMB Profile).

Login to the JAMB UTME portal using your registration number gives you access to the Joint Admission Matriculation Board Examination eFacility.

How to Login to JAMB UTME Portal Using Registration Number.

This method works perfectly fine on mobile phones and PC. The JAMB website is user-experience friendly, meaning the portal works fine on mobile phones too.

STEP 1: Open your phone browser. Depending on your browser, open your Google Chrome, Safari browser or Edge on your smartphone.

STEP 2: Visit the JAMB UTME Portal https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng. It will open this page shown below.

login to jamb portal using registration number

STEP 3: Enter your email address and password: The next step requires you to Enter your e-Mail Address and Password in their respective columns.

STEP 4: Click on Login: The next step requires you to Click on the LOGIN button to enter your personalized JAMB Dashboard.

login to jamb portal using registration number

STEP 5: This step is very important. Depending on what you want to do, ensure you select the correct JAMB year first. To do this, simply click on the dropdown menu to select your JAMB examination year.

Candidates Profile Page on JAMB Portal

STEP 6: You can click on any of the icons, depending on what you want to do on this JAMB portal. The image/icon carries out an activity on the facility portal.

Things You Can Do on JAMB Login Portal 2023.

The JAMB portal is very important for all candidates seeking admission into any Nigerian tertiary institutions. Because there are so many things you can do yourself through your personalized dashboard. Here are some of the things you can accomplish through the UTME/DE portal:

  • Checking of JAMB admission status.
  • Acceptance or Rejection of admission offer.
  • Change of course/ institution.
  • Checking of UTME Mock.
  • Checking JAMB Results.
  • Printing of admission letter.
  • Printing of UTME Examination Slip.
  • Part-Time Registration.
  • Sandwich Registration.
  • NOUN Registration.
  • Regularization of Admission.
  • Conversion of JAMB to DE.
  • Application for Transfers.
  • Application for the condonement of illegal Admission.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above list covers only the major things you can do on the JAMB portal. However, when you log into the JAMB portal dashboard, you will discover that there are other available services not mentioned above.

How to Check if your O’level Result was uploaded on the JAMB portal.

Sometimes, the staff who did your JAMB registration may be overbusy, too tired, or just lousy and didn’t upload your O’level result (WAEC, NECO, GCE). Here’s how you can check whether it was successfully uploaded.

  1. Go to the official JAMB page via https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng
  2. In the two blank boxes provided, type in your JAMB profile email address and profile password to login.
  3. Click on Check Admission Status at the bottom of the dashboard to log in.
  4. Proceed and Click on Access My CAPS.
  5. Next, click on the My O’level link on the left sidebar to see whether you have uploaded your O’level results.
  6. If you checked and your O’level result has not yet been uploaded on your JAMB profile, proceed and visit any JAMB CBT centre or JAMB office nearest you to do so.

What is JAMB eFacility Login?

The JAMB efacility is an online website created for all UTME and DE candidates to make their admission procedure easier. Through the JAMB portal, candidates can now print Original result slip, Print admission slips, Access or Reject Admission on JAMB CAPS, check admission status, Apply for data correction, Regularize admission, etc.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has made it mandatory that all candidates registering for JAMB UTME must have a profile on the efacility portal. It gives you access to all the UTME services for students.


JAMB does not delete old Candidate’s profiles on the JAMB website. Allowing older candidates access to various services provided on the JAMB Portal.

Are you aware that you can easily and quickly learn How to create a JAMB profile free through this portal?

Through this page, you’ll understand how to quickly login into the JAMB portal using your registration number, email and password.


How Can I check my last year’s JAMB result?

• Open your browser.
• Goto the official JAMB result checker portal login page.
• in the blank box, type in your JAMB registration number, phone number or email address.
• Finally, click on Check My Results button.

Can I still Print My 2022 JAMB Result?

Yes. You can still print out you 2022, or other previous year’s JAMB result through this page: https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/examslipprinting/checkutmeresults. However, if you want print out your Original JAMB result slip, you’ll need to pay N1,000 through your JAMB profile page.

How can I get my JAMB email and password?

Yes. If you have forgotten your JAMB email or password, you can retrieve it through your phone number.
1. Go to your SMS/Message App, create a new message and type “PASSWORD email
2. Send the message to 55019.
3. This is exactly how you should type in your text message: Password wearetrp@gmail.com and send it to 55019.

How to Check JAMB Result 2023 Via SMS.

55019 is JAMB official shortcode. To check JAMB result via SMS, do this:
1. 1. Go to your SMS/Message App, create a new message and type in “UTME RESULT
2. Send the message to 55019.
3. To get a reply from JAMB of your UTME performance score/result, you need at least, a credit balance of 5o Naira. You can only check JAMB result with SMS through the number you used for JAMB registration.

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