How to Load Airtime Recharge Card on MTN, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel

This article will cover the Major Network providers in Nigeria, including MTN Nigeria, Glo Nigeria, Airtel, Ntel, 9Mobile, and Smile 4G. In this post, you’ll get to know how to load airtime recharge cards or vouchers on all networks in Nigeria, or any specific network of your choice.

I have been recharging my cellphone through my bank for years, but due to internet issues, I need to purchase a recharge card, and shockingly, I’ve forgotten how to load Airtime recharge cards.

This is why I insist on writing this article on How to load airtime on MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, Ntel to top up your credit balance. Topping up your airtime using shortcodes requires you to type out the recharge card pins that are usually printed on paper or lead-sealed papers.

Airtime Recharge Codes 2023.

This is a summary of all the Major Networks in Nigeria and their airtime recharge codes. I’ll be explaining in detail below, how to use these airtime recharge card codes to top up your airtime balance.


Airtime Recharge Code


How to Load Airtime Recharge Card on All Network In Nigeria.

This series will cover every major Network provider in Nigeria and their USSD/shortcodes for loading airtime.

How to Load Airtel Recharge Card.

How to Load Airtel Recharge Card

You should know that Airtel recharge card PIN is always 16-digits. You can top up your airtime using its USSD code as shown below.

For Airtel prepaid users:

  • Purchase an Airtel credit card, and the PIN is always 16-digits.
  • To top-up your account, dial this USSD: *126*PIN# (For instance, *126*1234567890123656#).
  • Send and wait for credit confirmation.
  • Finally, dial *123# to see check your Airtel credit balance.

9Mobile Airtime Recharge Card Code.

how to load 9mobile card

Here is how to top-up your 9Mobile sim card. Take note that the 9Mobile top-up PIN is always 15 digits. Use the simple guide below to top-up your 9mobile line. Use the steps provided below:

For 9mobile prepaid users:

  • First, you need to buy the 9mobile top-up recharge card with 15-digit PIN.
  • Proceed and dial this USSD to recharge your 9mobile simcard: *222*PIN# (For instance, *222*123456789012365#).
  • Click on the call/Send button and wait for credit confirmation.
  • Finally, dial *232# to check your 9mobile credit balance.

How to Recharge your Friend’s 9mobile Line from your Phone:

  • Recharging your friends’ simcard on 9mobile is easy. Simply dial *222*PIN*Recipient’sNumber# (For instance, dial *222*123456789012345*08091234567#) and send.
  • The recipient will be credited and notified that their credit account has been top-up with the amount you purchased.

Glo Airtime Recharge Card Code.

how to load glo card

  • Buy a Glo credit card (Glo’s credit card always has a 16-digit PIN).
  • You can recharge/top-up your credit balance by using this USSD: *123*PIN# (For instance, *123*1234567890123656#).
  • Send and wait for credit confirmation.
  • Finally, dial *124# » 1 to check your Glo credit balance.

MTN Airtime Recharge Card Code.

how to load mtn card

  • Purchase an MTN credit card (Note that the MTN recharge card PIN is always 12 digits).
  • Then, dial to load the 12 digits PIN in this format: *555*PIN# (For instance, *555*123456789012#).
  • Send and wait for confirmation that the amount has been loaded successfully.
  • Finally, dial *556# to check your MTN airtime balance.

NTel Airtime Recharge Card Code.

Unlike other networks, NTel does not currently support the USSD code and has no USSD code you can use to load airtime on your NTel SIM. However, you can top up your Ntel balance through the NTel Mini care portal. Ntel portal allows their users to do more than just topping up their account balance, you can do a lot more through the NTel mini care site.

It takes care of funding your NTel SIM for data subscription and calling.

  • To recharge and top up your Ntel balance, you need to visit on your smartphone to get started. To successfully login to the NTel portal, you will be required to type in your phone number and registered email address you used for your Simcard registration.
  • Proceed and click on the Recharge/Top up and follow the simple guide provided there.
  • You can also top up your NTel using your banking apps.

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