How To Block First Bank Account, Emergency Alert!


In unforeseen circumstances such as a lost or stolen phone we get paranoid and start looking for how to block first bank account the moment the security of your First Bank account becomes a top priority. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of blocking your First Bank account and ATM card using a simple USSD code, ensuring that your finances remain secure until you can visit a banking hall to unblock it.

Why Block Your First Bank Account:

Losing your phone or having it stolen can expose your bank accounts to potential misuse. Blocking your First Bank account prevents unauthorized access and ensures that no debit transactions, including transfers, online payments, ATM, and POS cash withdrawals, can be carried out until you personally unblock it.

How to Block First Bank Account & ATM Card Using USSD Code

Follow these simple steps to block your First Bank account and ATM card using a USSD code from any phone:

a. Open your phone app and dial the USSD code: 894911#

b. Enter “1” and send to accept the privacy policy.

c. On the next page, enter “1” to confirm that you want to block (“Post No Debit”) your First Bank account.

d. Finally, enter your First Bank account number and send it.

Confirmation and Effect of Blocking

Upon completing the steps, your First Bank account and ATM card will be successfully blocked. This action immediately restricts any debit transactions on the account, adding an extra layer of security to your financial assets. No transfers, online payments, ATM, or POS cash withdrawals can be initiated until you personally unblock the account.

Unblocking Your First Bank Account

It’s essential to note that blocking your account is a temporary measure. To unblock your First Bank account, you must visit a banking hall in person. This ensures that only the rightful owner has the authority to lift the debit restrictions and resume normal banking activities.

Security Tips

In addition to knowing how to block your First Bank account, consider these security tips to further protect your financial information:

    • Regularly update your contact information with the bank to receive prompt notifications.
    • Avoid sharing sensitive banking details, such as PINs and passwords, with anyone.
    • Enable multi-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.


Taking proactive steps to block your First Bank account and ATM card in the event of a lost or stolen phone is crucial for safeguarding your financial assets. The USSD code method provides a quick and convenient way to secure your accounts temporarily. Remember, the ultimate responsibility for unblocking the account lies with you, the account owner, ensuring that your financial well-being remains in your control.

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