JAMB Admission Letter: How to Print Your JAMB Admission List For any Year

Here’s how to print JAMB admission letter for candidates who got admitted either through Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) or Direct Entry (D.E) for any year. That is, you can now print your JAMB admission letter for any year of your choice using the guide provided below.

The JAMB Admission letter is very important and mandatory for all the candidates offered admission (all years) into accredited tertiary institutions in Nigeria. It’s compulsory that you print out the admission letter and submit it during your Clearance (Admission procedures) and NYSC mobilization.

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Candidates can print their admission letter on the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) website.
Note that the cost of a JAMB admission letter is One Thousand Naira (₦1,000) only.

JAMB Admission Letter Printing Requirements.

These are the requirements to print your JAMB admission letter online either through your Mobile phone or PC. It’s easy to achieve.

  • JAMB Registration Number.
  • One thousand Naira (₦1,000) and tax charges by Remita (Total will be about ₦1,160 – ₦1,200).
  • JAMB Examination Year
  • Mobile phone or Personal computer (PC) with an active internet connection.
  • You’ll be charged either with your Mastercard, Visa Card, or Verve ATM card.

How to Print JAMB Admission Letter.

How to Print JAMB Admission Letter

You will be charged officially on the JAMB portal, One Thousand Naira Only (₦1,000). However, since you will be paying via Remita or other payment platforms, you will be required to pay an additional ₦160 – ₦200.

Candidates/students who do not have a JAMB profile must a profile via the Sign Up (New User) Page. To create your JAMB profile, you need to use a valid email address (because you will need it for verification), surname, first name, Mobile No, State and LGA of Origin and password, to successfully create a JAMB profile account. Each candidate can ONLY create one profile account on JAMB portal.

Step 1: Visit th JAMB portal at https://efacility.jamb.gov.ng.

Step 2: When it loads up, Login by entering your correct ‘Email Address’ and ‘Password’ in their correct box.

how to print jamb admission letter

Click on the Red Box that reads: PRINT ADMISSION LETTER.

Step 3: Click on the “Print Admission Letter” tab. This is available on the sidebar or on the Home page as shown in the image above.

Step 4: Once you select this service, a Transaction ID is automatically generated for this service.

Step 5: Before proceeding to pay for the admission letter, carefully review the details displayed on the Confirmation Page. Be aware that the Transaction ID is displayed in bold red font. The Transaction ID is always important very useful for all future references concerning the admission letter printing transaction. Don’t worry, because once you’ve paid, a copy of this transaction ID will automatically be sent to your JAMB registered email address.

Step 6: To pay, proceed by clicking on the Continue button. You can choose which payment platforms you preferred, e.g ATM, Cash at the Bank or Quickteller, take note that the transaction ID will be required.

Step 7: On the Payment page, enter your card details and click on the Pay button.

Step 8: Once your payment is successful, a message containing your unique Transaction Identification and payment status will be sent to you as an SMS and email. Click on the Continue button. You can always go to the “My Payment Section” to print out your letter anytime.

Step 9: Ensure you select the Year you wrote the JAMB Exam and type in your JAMB Registration Number in the appropriate box.

After entering the information correctly, you can now print the Admission letter as shown on your screen.

JAMB Regularization for Admission Letter Printing.

JAMB regularization is a registration exercise for undergraduate students in Nigeria who do not have a JAMB admission letter. The JAMB regularization is commonly used by students who did not accept admission offer via their JAMB CAPS.

The reason why some students cannot print out their Admission Letters is that you must be offered admission on JAMB CAPS before you will be able to print out your admission letter.

Students in this category must undergo the JAMB regularization exercise to get their admission letters. Use the guide below to resolve this.

JAMB Regularization Procedures.

  • First, Visit the nearest JAMB CBT centre in your area/state.
  • Purchase the JAMB regularization form.
  • Fill out the regularization form with your correct details that matches your institution details.
  • After filling the form, go and submit your JAMB regularization form to your school registrar.
  • Wait for your school to process your admission regularization
  • Now proceed and go to your JAMB Admission Caps and accept your admission.
  • Finally, proceed and use the guide above to print out your JAMB admission letter.

JAMB Admission Letter FAQ.

Is the JAMB admission letter needed for NYSC?

Yes! The JAMB admission letter will be required during your NYSC mobilization. However, graduates who can not print or have a JAMB admission letter must apply for regularization through their school registrar.

How do I print my admission letter from the JAMB portal?

You can easily print out your admission letter through the JAMB portal by:

  1. visiting https://jamb.gov.ng/Efacility.
  2. Click on Print Admission letter.
  3. Select the year you wrote your JAMB examination.
  4. Enter your JAMB registration number in the blank box.
  5. Click on Continue, and pay the required N1,000 fee to JAMB.

How many times can I print my JAMB Admission Letter?

Some sources say you can print your JAMB admission five (5) times after your first payment online.

However, the JAMB board are yet to release any official statement regarding this. However, it’s advisable to print out your admission letter and save it in your email, harddisk or mobile device.

How much does it cost to print the JAMB Admission Letter?

It will cost you One Thousand Naira (₦1,000) only to print out your JAMB admission letter.

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