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In a world where financial aspirations abound, Union Bank Loan Code stand out as a key to turning visions into reality. From entrepreneurs to salary earners and pensioners, Union Bank caters to diverse needs, offering a spectrum of loan services. This comprehensive guide will explore the array of Union Bank loan options, application processes, and key details you need to know.

Exploring Union Bank Loan Services

1. Payroll Loans:

  • Tailored for salary earners with Union Bank accounts.
  • Competitive rates with cashback rewards for timely repayments.
  • Products include Personal Loans, Salary Advance, Back to School Finance, and Senior Citizen Loans.

2. Union Flexi Loans:

  • Providing flexible financing solutions.
  • Options designed for entrepreneurs and individuals looking for financial flexibility.

3. Digital Loans:

  • Leveraging technology for quick, collateral-free microloans.
  • Accessible via the Union Bank mobile app, ATMs, or USSD code.
  • Payday loan offers up to 50% of your salary, repayable within a month without collateral.

4. Non-Payroll Loans:

  • Catering to self-employed individuals and business owners.
  • Options include Self-Employed Loans, Self-Employed Revolving Overdraft, and Cash-Backed Loans.

Collateral-Free Options

Union Bank’s Stance on Collateral:

  • Certain loan options, especially digital loans, do not require collateral.
  • Digital loans allow access to up to 50% of monthly income without any collateral.

Interest Rates and Variability

Understanding Union Bank Interest Rates:

  • No fixed interest rate; rates are communicated during the application process.
  • Rates vary based on the type of loan, tenor, and loan size.
  • Averages range from 1% to 3.75%, providing flexibility based on individual circumstances.

Accessing Union Bank Loan Codes: USSD Code and Application Process

1. USSD Code for Union Bank Loans:

  • Dial 82641# to initiate your Union Bank loan application.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to select available options.

2. Online Application Process:

  • Visit the official Union Bank website: Union Bank Loans.
  • Navigate to your preferred loan type and click on it.
  • Review the “loan application guide” for comprehensive information.
  • Click on “apply for a loan” to start the application process.

Contacting Union Bank

Connect with Union Bank:

  • Phone: +234-1-2716816
  • Customer feedback and support: Union Bank Support
  • Visit any nearby Union Bank branch.


With a legacy spanning over a century, Union Bank continues to be a reliable partner in meeting the financial needs of its customers. The diverse loan services offered cater to a wide audience, ensuring that everyone, from entrepreneurs to pensioners, finds a suitable solution. When considering a loan, Union Bank provides a seamless application process through USSD codes or their official website. Feel empowered to unlock your financial dreams with Union Bank—your trusted financial ally.

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