Experts Guide on How to create a Verified Paypal Account in Nigeria for Free

Doing business online requires Paypal, and unfortunately, Paypal is not accepting Nigeria completely. After a petition on by well-meaning Nigerian bloggers, freelancers, etc, Paypal worldwide decided to allow Nigerians to create an account on their platform.

Creating a Nigerian Paypal account is 100% free, you can link it with your bank, connect it with your ATM card, and can use it to pay for services online, but the limitation is that a Nigerian Paypal can’t receive funds.

Creating a Paypal account in Nigeria that doesn’t require VPN is 100% real and free. The truth is no matter how much you try avoiding Paypal, as an online entrepreneur, you need it to do business.

The easier, fastest, and most reliable way of receiving payment online is Paypal. Getting a verified PayPal account is essential in doing business online, an account capable of receiving and sending payment.
No doubt, this is the most reliable and best working method to register, set up, and fund a PayPal account and withdraw here in Nigeria without paying a dime to anyone.

It’s important you note here that for this Paypal account to be functional in Nigeria without fear of getting t blocked, it will be a business account. When creating this account, ensure you do not choose/select the personal option else you won’t be able to change the phone number prefix to your Nigerian account.

Honestly, I’ve created a variety of Paypal accounts, USA, UK, Israel, UAE, etc, purchased VPN accounts, buy international numbers, etc, but Paypal has always found a way to block these accounts. However, after so many errors, I found the best way to create a Paypal account in Nigeria that accepts any amount of money and can pay without limitations.

Cheers and toast to you, because you’re about to get one too.
Now getting a PayPal account in Nigeria that you can receive payments and withdraw is easy, all you need is your valid phone number, your current address, and your legal full name for confirmation. Yes, there’s absolutely no need for VPN, IP address issues, etc.

Endeavor to go through this article to ensure you create a bulletproof PayPal that can’t be blocked.

What is PayPal?

Before explaining how to create a Paypal account that is 100% functional with your Nigerian IP address, I think it’s essential to tell you what Paypal is.

PayPal is an online wallet service where you can send, receive, pay, and do other business transactions online. Paypal is a global marketplace and the biggest internet wallet service This company is registered in the United States, Canada, Luxemburg, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, etc.

In July of 2014, it was announced worldwide by various news publishing portals that Paypal has blacklisted Nigeria and some other African countries due to the high number of credit card frauds and other fraudulent activities.

Benefits of Creating PayPal Account in Nigeria.

  • Security of transactions.
  • Buying Online stressless.
  • An online payment platform is flexible with more options and costs less.
  • Simple and Fast.
  • Simple interface.
  • Top-notch customer service.

What do you need to create a verified PayPal Account in Nigeria?

Most people have been asking this question, wondering whether it’s possible to verify a Paypal account in Nigeria. The answer is Yes!.

Take note that for you to create a PayPal account in Nigeria, you are required to have these documents to verify it.

  1. A working phone number. (I recommend MTN and 9Mobile because Glo and Airtel usually have issues receiving OTP from PayPal when I experiment with them).
  2. A recognized National ID. Note that the name on your ID card will be the same name you need to create this Paypal account.
  3. An active email address (Note that you need an email account that you can easily access anytime and that you’ve never used with Paypal.)

You can also use your Smartphone to create this account too. Yes! Everything is amazing.

How to Create a Verified PayPal account in Nigeria.

These are the simple steps on how to create and verify a Paypal account in Nigeria that can send and receive funds. Yes, an account that can do everything a US, UK Paypal account is capable of doing.

Take note that this is a quick run down of what you’re required to do to create a verified account.

  1. To create an account, you need to visit Paypal’s website.
  2. Choose the signup option to create a PayPal business account.
  3. Type in your valid personal and business details in the required columns.
  4. Confirm your PayPal account by clicking the verification link sent to the email you provided.
  5. Sign in to your new PayPal account.
  6. Confirm your additional details and start using your PayPal account.

Now, here’s a complete and detailed step-by-step procedure on how to achieve this.

Visit the PayPal website.

paypal lesotho account in Nigeria

You are required to visit the Paypal site, I’ll recommend you use a Chrome browser, either on PC or Smartphone. You are to visit the PayPal Lesotho homepage (Since Nigeria PayPal is limited, you need an African country that has full access to Paypal).

Choose to sign up for a PayPal business account.

Next, take note that you need to visit Paypal Lesotho’s version to create an account. Next, click on the “Sign Up” at the top right to be taken to the signup screen.

On the “Sign Up” screen, you will be given two options on the type of Account you need, (Personal/Business). Endeavor to choose “Business Account”. The main reason is that a Paypal business account gives you more access and the chance to receive funds as well as send in a hassle-free manner compared to a Personal account.

Once again, endeavor to choose a Business Account, It’s that important.

how to create paypal lesotho account in Nigeria

Enter your Valid Personal and Business Details.

Next, you will be required to type in your business and personal details. First, you will be required to type in your valid email address. Note that you need to provide an Email that has never been used on Paypal before.

After typing in your email address in the required column, click on the “Continue” button, then proceed to fill in all your relevant details like in the photo below. Take note of the following:

  • Name: It’s essential that you use the name as it appears on your Government Approved ID Card. Although you will not be asked to verify it, I’ll advise you do this to avoid any issue that may arise later.
  • Business Name: For those who have a valid registered business, you can type in the “Business Name” in the required column. However, if you don’t have a registered business name, you can invent a new business name and use it there.
  • Phone Number: In this section, when you’re asked to type in/enter your phone number, do this. First, click on the Lesotho flag and select Nigeria, then enter your valid Nigeria phone number. This is extremely crucial, because anytime you want to log in, an OTP will be sent to this phone number.
  • Postcode: Enter 00234.
  • Business Address: In this column, ensure you type in your residential address if you have no address associated with your business.
  • Currency: This option depends solely on you. However, I’ll advise you to choose the currency most of your transactions will be in, most business transactions done online use US dollars. So if you want my advice, I’ll recommend you choose the US dollar.

Click on the SUBMIT button when done.

how to verify paypal account in Nigeria

Notable Requirement: After clicking the submit button, do not continue filling the form. Wait for a verification email from PayPal. Any details you entered after clicking the SUBMIT button, will be void.

PayPal Account Verification.

After clicking the confirmation button, you need to go to the email you used in creating the Paypal account. PayPal will send you a confirmation email that your details have been received and you need to click on the verification link sent to you.

verify original paypal account in Nigeria

After confirming your PayPal, note that your registration is 100% successful.

Sign into Your New PayPal Account.

You can log in to your new PayPal account and complete all the steps as required, which will be shown to you on your account dashboard.

sign into your paypal account in Nigeria

Confirm Additional Requirements.

This process is not difficult, as that is required of you, is to add additional information needed for the Customer Identification Process.

By doing this, you are ensuring that your account is more secured, and this will prevent you from having issues with your newly created PayPal.

Use the photo shared below to fill in the details of Sole Proprietorship and Incorporation in Nigeria.

create real paypal in nigeria for free

Once you are done with the Customer Identification Process, CONGRATULATIONS!

You now have a fully functioning PayPal account in Nigeria capable of sending, receiving payments from all countries in the world. You can also use the funds to make payments in any site that accepts Paypal.

Are you surprised that this isn’t the ending? Well, the next step is to teach, how to withdraw money from your PayPal account.

How to fund your PayPal account in Nigeria.

Funding your account means getting money into your PayPal account to do business transactions online. Here are the best and safest three (3) methods of funding your PayPal account here in Nigeria without stress.

1. Transfer From Friends.

If this is your first transaction, endeavor to ask the sender/or your friend as the case may be, when sending you PayPal fund, to select “No Address”. Because sending the funds to your account with Address attached will make Paypal withhold it for seven (7) business days or more.

One of the easiest ways to fund your PayPal account all the time is to ask your friends that also have PayPal account to send it to you.

To recieve the Paypal fund, you need to give them the email address you used in creating your Lesotho Paypal.

Fund from Debit Card.

One of the safest means of funding your PayPal account in Nigeria is via debit card. All you need to do is to contact your bank to get a debit card that works with US dollars.

When you’ve gotten the debit card, add the card to your account. However, make sure that there’s equivalent of the Naira in your debit card.

To fund your Paypal account in Nigeria via the debit card, I recommend you use banks that have a mobile app or good USSD platform so that you make bank transactions directly on your smartphone.

Buy from Online Exchanges.

There are recommendable online exchangers in Nigeria. However, the rate they offer per dollar varies, depending on the exchanger you’re using. However, you need to be careful not to fall into the hands of scammers who will take your Naira, and never send you the Paypal fund you paid for.

How to Withdraw Money From your PayPal in Nigeria.

Take note that the only method of withdrawing money from your Paypal account is using the UBA AfriCard Card.

To get the UBA AfriCard, simply walk into any UBA bank near you, and tell the customer support/service that you need a UBA AfriCard.

Please note that this card should be the normal Naira Card and not a USD card.

The UBA AfriCard is also sometimes known as the UBA Prepaid Card.

Once you have linked your cards to your PayPal account, you can follow the steps below to withdraw your money:

withdraw funds from paypal to uba africard

  • On the next screen, click on “From” and choose your PayPal Balance.
  • Then next, click on “To” and choose your linked Visa Card.
  • Next, type in the amount and click on the “Continue” button.

withdraw funds from paypal to Naira bank account

  • On the next page, a review of your transaction will be displayed on your screen. To confirm this transaction, simply click on “Transfer” to have the money sent instantly to your UBA AfriCard.
    It’s important to always remember that Paypal usually say the funds will be transferred to your Bank account within 5 to 7 business days. However, in most cases, the transfer is mostly instant and you can check your balance at any ATM or via your Mobile App.

withdraw funds from paypal to Nigeria bank account

  • One thing I discovered is that its unlikely that you will get any credit alert when the fund enters your AfriCard .

Important Information and FaQ.

Is this method 100% Working? The answer is a resounding yes! Except you didn’t follow through with this guide. This tutorial of creating a functional Paypal account in Nigeria is 100% working.

I’ve created up to 5 accounts for my friends and their accounts are still functional to this day.

Is VPN Required? NO. One of the first benefits I mentioned when creating a Lesotho Paypal Account in Nigeria is that you are not required to use any VPN when logging into your account.

You don’t need a VPN to create a PayPal account in Nigeria or to login into your account whenever you want to do any transaction with it. I’ll highly recommend you never use a VPN to access this account.

No International Number: Forget the problem of searching where to buy an international number to manage this account. The Lesotho Paypal account doesn’t require the use of an international number to be functional. Your Nigerian phone number you used when creating this account will always work perfectly fine.

Is this Legal? Yes, this is why you’re required to use your phone number and other government issued Identity cards for verification. The phone number is most important because it will be used to verify your identity should you lose or want to reset your password.

Withdrawal charges: One of the side-effects/disadvantages of the Lesotho Paypal account is that the withdrawal charges are enormous. So it’s better to save your money to a certain amount before withdrawing it.

How to Secure My Paypal Account? One of the easiest method of securing your account is this: Never withdraw any money that immediately enters your account. it’s a red flag that will warrant Paypal officials to look into your account.

You can wait for 24/48 hours before withdrawing the money into your UBA AfriCard.

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